Its lurking beneath Miami Avenue.......

​March 18, 2022

  SORTA, the Regional Transit Authority has awarded the City of Madeira a grant for Miami Avenue revitalization. The grant value is shown as "up to $3,585,391", not to exceed 90% of project cost. There are important issues lurking beneath Miami Avenue that will need to be addressed prior to committing the SORTA funds for Miami revitalization, including the replacement of a 100 year old, 16 inch water main and the large diameter storm water pipe that runs under Euclid, under the city building parking lot, underneath Miami Ave, underneath Laurel Avenue, underneath Railroad Avenue, before draining into Sycamore 

Madeira Budget & Finance Committee meeting, January 28, 2019, subject is transfer cost of trash collection to Madeira home owners. >>>>>

Madeira Turns To​ Tax Increment Financing (TIF) ?     ​  

October 12, 2017

​Update, October 18, 2017  Today, a Madeira School District official confirmed that the District will consider each TIF opportunity on the merits of the individual opportunity, not preapproved in advance.


​           Tax Increment Financing  is defined as the ability to capture and use most of the increased local property tax revenues from new development within a defined geographic area for a defined period of time without approval of the other taxing jurisdictions. It is a tool that cities, counties, economic development authorities (EDA's) , port authorities , and housing and redevelopment agencies (HRAs) can use to spur private development .

​There are four main reasons for using TIF:

​ *  Redevelopment of substandard or obsolete buildings, such as revitalizing  a downtown area or former industrial site.

​ *  Provide affordable housing, including rental or owner occupied housing for low to moderate income persons.

​ *  Create  jobs and new tax base, such as develop an industrial park or other manufacturing facilities.

​  *  Clean up environmental issues, such as remediating contamination in brownfield areas.

​          Hers an example, Assume a blighted piece of property is currently paying $5,000.00 in property taxes in 2016. Also assume a new business wants to relocate on that piece of property and  projects paying local property taxes of $50,000 after construction is complete. The community could reimburse the business the incremental taxes, or $45,000 per year, to help offset the cost of demolition and environmental remediation.

​          Our city is using TIF differently, the tax value of "Traditions of Madeira"  when completed  will substantially exceed  the tax value of  the former "Kutol" property. The new, higher value will be leveraged by our city to fund various Madeira projects, exceeding ten million dollars. Our city council members our also planning for future TIF opportunities, (circumstances, projects that the schools would find value in) expecting our district to agree in advance (pre-agreement / standing agreement) that the district will not be reimbursed for any tax revenue that would have been collected by the school district without a TIF in place. Madeira City manager and school superintendent have begun discussions on this matter, according to city manager Moeller. Madeira has no examples of this process in neighboring communities according to Madeira Assistant Manager.   Please Review the proposed projects posted on the red button above

Creek. This drainage pipe has been indirectly or directly responsible for severe flooding in many neighborhoods including homes located on Mar Del Drive and Miami Hills Drive. Damage in dollars has been in the hundreds of thousands. The procedure for the Miami Avenue project should be the same procedure that has been applied to Buckeye Crescent, Greenbriar, Mapleleaf Drive, and Thomas Drive, replace the 100 year old 16 inch water main and replace the drainage pipe, assuring Madeira residents that once and for all the flooding issues will be resolved, before reshaping the surface above Miami Avenue. City Council surely will follow the same procedures followed on all other Madeira streets before repaving the surface. The water main "lurking beneath Miami Avenue" was installed by the Cincinnati Water Works Company 100 years ago and is overdue for replacement. It has lasted this long because it is made out of cast iron. but is at the end of its expected life. If Madeira would choose to not replace the pipes beneath Miami Avenue, there would potentially be issues with the grant funds, and the use of the funds. The SORTA grant comes from a sales tax levied in Hamilton County thus the city of Madeira and SORTA are accountable to every person making purchases in Hamilton County and to those that supported and voted for the SORTA tax. More coming on this story soon. Read the Miami Avenue Project Grant Agreement posted on the Blue Button below this content by clicking on to the button with your mouse.

"City of Madeira & Ohio

Ethics Commission Derail

​"Swingline Grill"........

     January 11, 2017

​      ​"On behalf of the City of Madeira and the Planning Commission (collectively, the "city"), I am writing to notify you of the need for resubmission of your application for zoning approval at 7710 Railroad Avenue, which is located in the Main Street Core District ("Application ZA-2016-0028")".

​     "After reviewing your file, analyzing relevant provisions of the Ohio Revised Code, and consulting with the Ohio Ethics Commission ("the commission") in Columbus, I regret to inform you that there appears to be an issue with respect to the City's consideration of Application ZA-2016-0028 that could cloud the foundation of any approval eventually obtained from the City".

​     "Given that the Commission and I reached a similar conclusion regarding the issue, the most prudent course of action moving forward is to request you submit a new application for zoning approval. While I am sure this is unwelcome news, the Planning Commission will take necessary precautions to make certain you do not encounter the same problem".

    These comments are included in a mysterious letter sent from Madeira Law Director, Brian Fox, to Developer Thomas Powers, dated January 9, 2017. Read the content, on the red Button and blue button at top of this page before reading the letter sent to Developer Powers posted on Page 4.

First Madeira Financial Statement

2020, January No Complaints from

​City Council.

​Paying for the Park  redevelopment over 30 years. Read the report from City Council meeting of February 28, 2022.

Madeira Budget & Finance Committee meeting, February 11, 2019, subject is transfer cost of trash collection to Madeira home owners. >>>>>

Hamilton County Court of Appeals Rules That "Portions of Vacant Land" in Historic District Can be Sold....

October 27, 2017


​        ​Court rules that 2014 Charter amendment does not extend beyond footprint of three Historical Structures, Hosbrook House, Muchmore House, and the Railroad Depot. What's next, we will see .....  Review White Button Above.

Judges Cannot, & Did Not Define "Portions Of Vacant Land", None There, Basis for New Legal Action...

October 27, 2017, One PM

​    There is a disagreement with the findings ( see white button above ) of the Court of Appeals. The court has incorrectly ruled that the City of Madeira can sell "Portions of vacant Land", but cannot show that there is any vacant land, nor specifically define "a portion" associated with any of the three properties that were described in the 2014 Charter Amendment passed by 60% of Madeira voters.  ​Our city as recently as this past Tuesday defined all three addresses as included in the "Historic District", no "vacant  Land" The Three Judges  ​( Mock,  Myers, and Deters ) sitting on this court did not and cannot define any vacant land associated with any of the three addresses located within the "Historic District", BECAUSE THERE IS NO VACANT LAND.

​   In addition the Trial Court Judge , Judge Dinklelacker, took for Gospel the word of Madeira City Attorneys BrianFox and Steven Goodin that" Mr. Powers contract is gone with the prospective sellers, (B&B Mowers owners John and Jerry Johnson) it is my understanding the contract, there is no reason for him to enter into a contract with Madeira any longer for the sale of that small portion of the piece of property that's located in the historic district".

​    ​Why didn't Judge Dinklelacker require an affidavit substantiating that the Johnsons and developer Powers no longer had any further contracts or options for the purchase of the B&B Mower property. Without proof there was only the word of two lawyers speaking on behalf of a developer that also was represented by the same two city attorneys or represented by their law firm. Were the two city attorneys truthful, why wasn't the lawsuit "moot"  on February 23, 2016, again if  Fox and Goodin were telling the truth, there was no "agreement" purchasing the B&B Mower property.

​March 22, 2022, I am not opposed to improvements in our community but I believe that the facts should always be clear and that local politicians must be held to accountability. Our locally elected council was able to acquire more than enough dollars to not only proceed with current plans redeveloping Miami Avenue, but are also planning beyond the original proposed reconstruction of Miami Avenue, adding Camargo Road from Miami to Euclid Road. Our vice mayor Doug Moormann was instrumental in bringing nearly seven million dollars to Madeira, more than enough to complete the original Miami Avenue planning. Moormann is a professional lobbyist and knows how to find local, state and federal monies. At a Public Works meeting this week one of my concerns was that the 100 year old 16 inch water main would be replaced and that the large storm water pipe that has been responsible for flooding in Madeira neighborhoods would also be replaced, putting a stop once and for all with the flooding problems. Madeira residents must stay proactive and involved as this project evolves. How council members spend this money is important today and will effect our community far into the future.

February 9, 2019

 According to Messenger Sources, it is very unlikely that Council Members will be successful in their current effort to saddle Madeira residents with the cost of weekly trash collection, but Council members are still exploring procedures that if adopted would allow for decisions to be made outside of the public domain and would allow for non elected persons to make decisions effecting the future of Madeira for decades to come.​ Read Definition aof "Community Development Corporation" (CDC) at right. >>>>>>

City of Madeira Using Team Approach at McDonalds Commons..

March 27, 2022

 The Public Works Committee met on March 24 with the new team working on McDonalds Commons redevelopment. Two team members include The Prus Construction Company and The Kleingers Group. The Prus Construction Company will act as the "Construction Manager at Risk" , the Kleingers Group is the company providing engineering services for the City. This meeting (3/24/2022)  was the kickoff so to speak. President of Prus company Mike Prus was in attendance as well as Craig Honkomp senior engineer / project manager from the Kleingers Group. If you were to boil down the entire meeting it would be that Council Member Scott Gehring was pushing for speed and the team was explaining patience allowing for a quality development. I was very impressed with Craig Honkomp when he had to explain to Gehring all of the important work needed prior to breaking ground, such as piping the creek with the correct size pipe, that would allow for the proper flow of storm water and required ground boring. There is also work required by the Army Corps of Engineers that will take time. Craig explained the importance of proper installation of artificial turf and names of possible venders including the Motz Company. Artificial Turf doesn't seem to be the best use of tax payers money, can tear and would then require repairs, and has a relative short life expectancy. Most facilities like our park would still have real grass, while most schools are using the artificial turf. The city is expecting that the park development will cost $10,000,000 financed by Madeira Tax Payers. Although some work might be done this year, most of the work will begin in 2023, including hauling in substantial truckloads of fill dirt. Gehring said that this is a once in a lifetime development but I was a council member when the park property was purchased and the original park was planned, meaning that for me its twice in a lifetime. This story is just developing and will be added to.

Madeira Government..

Printed minutes from January 28, 2019 Budget & Finance Committee Meeting, subject Waste Collection Transfer of cost to Home owners. >>>>>

​​​​Judge Dinklelacker Makes Corrective Entry, Dismissal Now Changed, "Without Prejudice" The Story..

October 25, 2017

​       At this weeks City Council meeting, councilmember Scott  Gehring a man who has shown the utmost integrity , added to that nights agenda under old business "resolution 17-16".  He suggested that the resolution had gotten stale and should be considered for repeal. The resolution was passed in April 2016. Scott and Councilman Tom Ashmore both voted against the resolution. Both of these men were courageous when casting their votes. There was a stench associated with 17-16. A copy of the resolution is posted above on the red button.

    This story had its beginning long before 2016 and has involved various Madeira Mayors and an assortment of Council Members. Emails and other documents acquired thru many Public Records Request  cast no doubt that our city officials including our city manager Thomas Moeller various city attorneys, various law firms, and one local developer were in collusion, beginning as far back as 2010. There is ample proof that our city and one restaurant developer would go to any extreme while ignoring the rights and interest of other Madeira owners of land and other assets. 

​    The lawsuit was filed in December 2015, and if Attorneys representing our city were truthful, the legal action would have been concluded in early 2016. In the transcript posted above on the green button attorneys for the city testified numerous times that the developer, Thomas Powers had lost his option to purchase the proposed restaurant site (vacant B&B Mower property)  and no long had any interest in the purchase of the property, thus the current ruling not yet finalized from the Hamilton County Court of Appeals. That ruling is expected to allow for a refiling of  a  new legal action against any further effort to sell part of or the entire Historic District property, and an opportunity to discover if attorneys representing the city committed perjury.


​   This brings us back to resolution number 17-16 (posted on the red button above) passed in April 2016. Councilman Gehring was right to bring this resolution to City Councils attention. Resolution 17-16 was passed with one purpose in mind, to circumvent the outcome of the lawsuit filed in December 2015 (posted above on all three buttons) following the passage of legislation selling parts of our Historic District and colluding with the developer, in an effort to wrongfully expend more than one to two million dollars of tax payer funds benefiting a developer. unwilling to spend his our money. This story may not yet have an end.​​

City Manager Moeller attempting to convince Duke Energy that "Rate Payers" must pay to have the Electric pole relocated, benefiting local Developer Thomas Powers. Moeller has been untruthful, telling Duke that the power lines were installed by the power company above the former B&B showroom, no Moeller knows that the showroom was illegally allowed by City of Madeira to be constructed under existing power lines. Is this another favor for the developer?

  • 1:58:00

April 3, 2019, Budget & Finance Committee met today but will not make specific recommendations to City Council at the April 8, 2019 Council meeting. This does not mean that imposing a tax on trash collection is dead,  just delayed.         >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                      Click on Blue Button


​Where Next, Looking For "Vacant Land" In The Historic District & How Do You Measure A "Portion" Of  The "Vacant Land"  All About Money And Collusion..  ​November 2, 2017  Oppenheimer Hires New Attorney, Full Review of Appeals Court Case...

October 29, 2017   12 PM

​       ​ Hamilton County Elected Judiciary, has issued various rulings including the most recent "very bad Judgement Entry" issued on October 27, 2017, we think. (posted above on white button)  The three elected Judges, Mock, Myers, and Deters, sitting on the Hamilton County Court of Appeals have ruled that the city of Madeira can sell Land measured in "Portions"  and that the portions must be located on "Vacant Land" located in the "Madeira Historic District" which is Madeira Tax payer owned  property. Nearly 60 % of Madeira/Hamilton County Tax Payers voting in the November, 2014  election were in favor of creating protection for the three historic Miami Avenue addresses, including the three historic structures, one each located at each of the three addresses. The ruling  (posted below on the white button) leaves more questions than answers, and surely will require further visits to Hamilton County Court rooms. Every Madeira Resident is invited to carefully review the two photos just above and below this text, and try to explain how the three Hamilton County Appeals Court Judges were able to determine that there is "Vacant Land" in the Historic District, ​and how have the Judges defined "a Portion" of  "the Vacant Land"  You can post your opinion on Facebook, "Douglas Oppenheimer"  or your own FB page. We suggest taking a stroll through the Historic District first, looking for "Vacant Land" .

Local Madeira resident and finance expert David Holwadel makes strong argument against shifting cost of weekly trash collection onto backs of Madeira residents. Click white button at right.


Madeira Political News  &  More

Douglas Oppenheimer / Madeira News

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Planning Commission Meeting Records Concealed from Public and Manipulated......

​February 22, 2017​     5 PM

Opinions in this column are those of Douglas Oppenheimer, Facts are not opinions.

Altered Minutes

​   ​ There has been nothing in our community more egregious than the intentional concealing of  Planning Commission Minutes from August and October  2016. Our seven Planning Commission members, our City Manager, and our City Law Director all equally share in the purposeful act of concealing from the public "Important Public Records". As of this date the three city entities,  Manager Moeller, Attorney Fox and our Planning Commission members have all violated their oaths of office and as such should either resign their positions or be removed. Our City Manager, City Attorney, and seven members of Planning Commission, have NO excuse for their actions and  no longer can be trusted as members of our city government.

​10:30 PM 2/24  Today our City Manager released copies of the altered August and October planning commission minutes that were signed by Mrs. Schlagbaum, Chairwoman of the Madeira Planning Commission. Copies of the minutes have been turned over to a legal team for review and further action. City Attorney, Brian Fox in his January 9th letter to developer Thomas Powers stated that the August and October 2016 Planning Commission approvals given to developer Powers are rescinded, but the June 20, 2016 "0" parking approval is still in question. ​(Green button above.)

February 27, 2017, At this evenings city council meeting I read from the planning commission minutes, August and October 2016 including the alteration that our Law Director Fox inserted on February 21, 2017. Mayor Adrien and Law Director Fox both made it clear that the incriminating documents that I read from would not be included in tonight's city council minutes. ​See January 9th letter from Fox on page 4.

​B&B Mower Electric Pole Relocation... continued...

   A new public records request will be submitted to Madeira addressing the  "public Comments" from Madeira spokeswoman Theis,  Historical photos and documents that have been reviewed, indicate that the electric pole in question is in the right of way as required, and always has been, but photos show that the front, showroom of the B&B Mower building was built illegally on the city right of way and was allowed to be built directly underneath the electric and telecom service that was and is still attached to the electric pole. One question to be asked in the records request will be for a copy of the building permit that allowed B&B Mower to violate our building code including what city official by name, approved the building  permit and what city official approved the final inspection after the construction was completed. If this electric pole, directly in front of the existing vacant B&B building is to be moved, it stands to reason and contrary to public comments from Councilwoman Theis, that either the present owners of B&B Mowers, or any potential person desiring to develop the property should pay the cost of moving the pole in question, not Madeira taxpayers, nor Duke Energy Rate payers. This story will be continued.

March 4, 2017


​    The photo to your right  provides a possible 

​reason  why Councilwoman Theis is such a  

​ proponet  for relocating the B&B Mower Electric Pole at Madeira Tax Payers expense. Relocating the electric pole provides an additional 5 or 6 foot for building construction, out onto Railroad Avenue. It should not be the responsibility of Madeira Tax Payers or Duke Energy Rate Payers to pay the cost of relocating this pole for the convenience of a local developer, or the owners of the vacant B&B Mower property. Kudos to the person or persons Theis is in reference to, for  filing a complaint with the Ohio PUCO. Mrs. Theis is running for re-election this November and is pushing for the passage of six proposed charter amendments at the costly "special election" May 2nd. ​See page 8.

​Madeira City Manager Attempting to Defraud Duke Energy......

March 15, 2017


    ​Madeira City Manager, Tom Moeller has been meeting with Duke Energy officials in an attempt to have the electric pole fronting the B&B Mower property relocated. City Manager Moeller has not presented the true "Facts" to Duke energy nor has he explained the history of this electric pole. The truth is explained in the following six page letter authored by Mr. James Tepe. Mr. Tepe has been meticulous in his research explaining in detail the history of this particular electric pole. Moeller has not presented the correct facts to the Duke Energy Company, apparently with the full support of our city council members.

Any Victims ...........

​March 19,2017

​Suggested Best Use For B&B property At Right

​   Tom Moeller provided an appraisal that concluded that the B&B Mower property had a value of nearly $200,000.00, when Developer Powers thought that the B&B property owners would be willing to sell the property at that lower price. When it became apparent that the B&B property owners were unwilling to sell at the lower price, Moeller acquired a second appraisal from a different appraisal company justifying what apparently was an increased  value exceeding,  $600,000.00. The higher appraised value required a large financial contribution of tax payers dollars. The B&B property owners were intentionally misled by both developer Powers, and our City Manager Thomas Moeller. Our city should offer to purchase the B&B property for a city commons park, that would lead to further downtown development. See the drawing at right of this column. The owners of the B&B property should expect that the city will pay a price reflected in the last appraisal.