October 31, 2018

   You could think that this is a story about  Halloween, Gremlins & Goblins?  You might imagine that this is a story about the spirit of Cleo J. Hosbrook haunting both of her houses that she willed to the City of Madeira. No doubt Cleo's spirit  is still watching over both the Hosbrook and Muchmore House ,and for good reason, but this story is really about booze. The definition of Spirits reads, supernatural beings, soul, but the definition also describes spirits as "distilled alcoholic liquor". 

   This story began more than 30 years ago when two sisters were employed by the State of Ohio. The sisters Jenny Kern, Linda Kern, were employed in State of Ohio Liquor stores. Twenty Eight years ago Ohio made the decision to close the state stores allowing for liquor to be sold by private business owners. The two sisters decided to take the risk, get a license to sell liquor, and open their own retail store. Today Jenny and Linda have been joined in the business by their sister Connie Land. the three sisters are still at the same address on Miami Avenue, and business has been good. The retail space has more than doubled and the product selection has also expanded as the space has increased. The sisters are celebrating twenty seven years in business.

    Its unlikely that you won't find any desired beverage at "Spirits Of Madeira", including a huge selection of Beer and Wine. The sisters also encourage that their customers have some fun including "Wine Tasting" every other Friday. For a small cost, 20-30 attendees are able to sample wine and cheese. Stop in and congratulate the sisters on 27 years in business.

Iconic, Studio for Ancient Christian Painting Techniques.........

July 9,2017

​   My Webster's Dictionary defines an ICON as an image, figure, a sacred image or picture of Jesus or Mary. Local resident and fellow member of St. Gertrude's Parrish explained it in more detail. Jenny Ward studied Art at the University of Cincinnati (Daap). Jenny furthered her studies at Enders Island Sacred Art Institute, where she extended her interest in "Iconology". Centuries ago Christians and especially the Catholic Church created an untold number of ICONS,  biblical images, Christ, Mary, St. Michael the Archangel, St. Simeon, and many others. Until recently Jenny held teaching, workshops during the summer at St. Gertrude. Students came from all over the United States and Canada. The interest grew, Jenny and her husband, John renovated a structure on Camargo Road, formally a photography Studio, now used for Beginning and Advanced Iconography Workshops. Jenny's business is a non-profit founded, based on  her love of this unusual kind of art, and sharing it with others.

​   Jenny explained that the paint used for this art work is made from egg whites and white wine. The process for completing a project is multi faceted, ending with an application of linseed oil. If you are interested in studying at Jenny's studio I suggest that you first visit her website, www.iconicstudio.org. For more information contact Jenny at jward7400@yahoo.com. Her address is 7886 Camargo Road, Madeira Ohio 45243. 

​                                                                                    Top picture at right, Iconic Art Studio, Camargo Road.

​                                                                                    Middle picture at right, Iconic Art Studio Classroom.

                                                                                    Bottom picture at right, Icon artwork waiting for Linseed Oil.

                                                                        ​Far right, Gina & Evy Stutzman, students from Florida, working 

​                                                                                    under the watchful eye of instructor Dmitri Andreyev.

​    ​                                                         Your left, three advanced art works, completed

​"Madeira Apartments", Making Way for Nine $700,000.00 Condos, Displacing Many Elderly Residents.....

April 8, 2018

  ​  Madeira Planning Commission April 16th, will consider a proposal that would raze four apartment buildings located on Miami Avenue near the intersection of Miami and Naomi, making way for nine $700,000.00 Condos. The Condos would be constructed in a manor similar to the Condos on Maple Avenue, requiring Planning Commission approval. Madeira does not have housing stock available for the current elderly residents and residents with limited income living in the four, 5 Family Apartment Buildings. More Coming ...

Top right photo, Cincinnati Natural Foods in Madeira

Right center photo, Donna & Ken Stothfang founders of Cincinnati Natural Foods.

Right photo, Cincinnati Natural Foods Sign on Miami Avenue.

Right bottom photo, Madeira resident Patty Dennis making her last purchase.

Bottom photo store fronts on Miami Avenue North of Cincinnati Natural Foods​​

March 2, 2020, Take a look at this project, how about your own private elevator, pull into your garage, open the door and push the elevator button to the rooftop, you might make a stop in your Townhouse on the way. When you get to the rooftop you will know why your are living in "The Overlook at Madeira" a view like no other!

Maple Grove Sold Out>>>>>>

Maple Avenue

Spirits of Madeira has a selection second to none, another important Madeira small business. 54 % of all earnings tax revenue collected by Madeira is extracted from Madeira businesses & their employees.

Before Cincinnati Natural Foods, "King Kwik Minute Market"


     Addresses nearly never change, but businesses can come and go. 6911 Miami was the home of the Madeira King Kwik Minute Market before Cincinnati Natural Foods relocated, after outgrowing their Camargo Road store. King Kwik had the Kwik Brothers in the 1970's and 80's, TV pitchmen  described as 'oddly charming", so corny they were funny.  They dressed in matching polyester sport coats and straw hats. They danced down a staircase in tuxedos, swinging canes, surrounded by beauty pageant contestants, the "Kwikettes"". View videos of the Kwik Brothers on facebook "Douglas Oppenheimer".

    Next door on Miami Avenue beginning at 6917 Miami Avenue there was Nordic American Designs, Radio Shack, Custom Ammo, Suburban Glass, Madeira Ceramics, and Camargo Bakery. We still had a 5 & dime store on the other side of Miami Avenue. Suburban Glass relocated to Camargo Road in Madeira. We will miss Cincinnati Natural Foods, and wish the employees and owners the best of luck.

​The rendering at left is what is proposed as a replacement for the four existing 5 family apartment buildings. The current buildings were built more than 60 years ago and are in need of substantial repair work. The current owner is a Madeira lifelong resident, he has owned the apartment buildings for 12 years. The proposed developer Eagle Custom Homes of Loveland is known as an outstanding home builder. There were several issues discussed at the April 16th Planning Commission meeting (including the 35 foot building height) to be addressed by the developer, delaying the zone change decision until the next Planning Commission meeting, in May. Rendering at bottom is subject to change as project evolves. ​                                                                                      April 17, 2018

Final Development Plan Approved...

January 26, 2019

    The Madeira Planning Commission on January 21, 2019 approved the final development plan submitted by Eagle Custom Homes. The development includes nine Condos shown in the rendering pictured above. The existing four 5 family apartment buildings will be razed next month making way for the new construction.

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Cincinnati Natural Foods Closing...

October 24, 2018

    Ken and Donna Stothfang started Cincinnati Natural Foods in 1978. It all began on Camargo Road in a small space measuring less than 800 Square Foot, quite a difference from where the business would soon grow into at 6911 Miami Avenue. In 1979 Ken expanded his business when he purchased an existing Health Food Store located on Colerain Avenue. The Stothfangs have worked tirelessly providing the best in health promoting products, and outstanding customer service. Employees at the Madeira store have been especially impressed with the customer loyalty shown over the past 30 plus years. Most of the Madeira store employees either reside in Madeira or have connections to our community. The reason given for the store closings are personal, and are health related.

  One fixture in the store really stands out, a two drawer horizonal file cabinet filled with decades of information dealing with nearly all of the health products sold in the store. There were no questions that couldn't be answered from within the file cabinet. Cheri Schuh has been manager of the Madeira store and friend to the Stothfangs for more than 37 years. Cheri said that the family "had a mission, wanting to make a difference when starting their business"  Employees and customers all agree "Mission Accomplished".

From Renderings to reality, the photo below was taken in February 2020.