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Store Manager Josh Clayton on left, Owner John Berman on right

Above photo shows construction site as work progresses for the new Swing Line Grill, bottom photo shows the rendering of what the Grill will look like when finished.

​La Grassa General Manager Josh Clayton gently sets down a 5 1/2 oz. cup of Cappuccino for a customer,  and serves samples of his Geloto and Sorbetto to the Schecter Family, Alexander, Becca & William.

And one of these ladies has a special secret, that I am sharing with you, Maureen, on right in photo, attended High School and College in Kentucky, where she became a track and field star. Today she still holds two state records in distance running. She also coaches young neighborhood kids in track and cross country. Please patronize this new business and be sure to let them know that you read about this new business at madeiramessenger. 

Above left, Chef Kim putting pies into historic Bakery oven. More than a dozen pies can be baked in this oven all at the same time.

Above Center, Pies are prepared an made ready for baking.

Above right, Bakery products can be gifted and shipped to your favorite friend.

​​Karen Alf Rolfes  can be Found Painting at Her Studio......

May 29, 2017

​    ​ I discovered Karen working on a new painting today and spent some time viewing some of her paintings hung on the walls throughout her studio. As it turns out I Know her Parents, grandparents, and her husband, and yes she has inherited the family genes when it comes to Oil Painting. Karen describes herself as an "impressionistic oil painter" known for her colorful flowers, trees, landscapes, farm animals, and water scenes. "My passion is to re-create what I see in nature. The canvas becomes an interpretation without forgetting value, hue, and perspective, I continue to paint because it makes me happy". Karen has her studio at 6808 Miami Avenue, next to Bio Wheels, in the old Ray Meyer Sign Company Building. To see her work and learn more about Karen go to her website,

​Photo above, Karen at Work.                             

Parking when visiting Swing Line Grill

The Swing Line Grill will be located on Railroad Avenue CIRCLED IN RED and will have only a handful of parking spaces  for patrons. The City of Madeira has allowed for SHARED PARKING, the Swing Line Grill will share parking with Stockyards Bank and with 5th 3rd Bank. Both bank parking lots are circled in blue. The four businesses located in the Depot, the Muchmore House and the Hosbrook House all have dedicated parking spaces during their business hours. More about this later.

The messenger arrived early for the photo shoot and did find two young ladies from Madeira dressing up their nails. As you can see in the photo at right the ladies had no shortage of colors to choose from, and their choice was very bright, going well with their well tanned toes. This could be the beginning of a career in modeling for both ladies, toe modeling?

Above photo shows our B&O RR Depot with a new paint job ready for new Madeira business opening, bottom photo shows prime meats and Madeira resident and real-estate agent Wendy Furbay ready to make a purchase.

You may recognize this building as the former home of Friendly's Ice Cream, or most recently a PNC Bank, but forget what you remember, because the flyer above describes the many new services offered at 7136 Miami Avenue. You will be met by the three professionals shown below, Maureen Egan Corl, Nurse Practitioner (Owner), Renee Ingle and Haylee Todd, both Medical Aesthetician's. Call ahead for an appointment. (July 28, 2021)

​​​Brewhaus Bakery Expands, Grows, Relocating in Historic Madeira Retail Space......

​February 14, 2018                       

      ​ For more than 60 years there has been a bakery at 6927 Miami Avenue, and that tradition will continue, but with a special twist.  Brewhaus Bakery is a Non-Profit 501c3, employing a wide range of young adults, some having disabilities, most are mildly effected, while other "employees"  are more significantly impacted by their disabilities. The Brewhaus Bakery was created for the purpose of helping the disabled develop additional skills and opportunities. Brewhaus Bakery began in 2014, the brainchild of the founder Lisa Graham. Lisa by profession is a licensed Social Worker, still employed in that profession. Natalie Graham, Lisa's Daughter is an employee at the Brewhaus Bakery, exemplifying the value of the Bakery.

​     "Brewhaus Bakery, Mission, The Brewhaus Bakery Company is a not -for -profit  501c3 organization to help local young adults with disabilities develop vocational skills. and have fun, meaningful project based learning and work opportunities. The Brewhaus Bakery seeks to grow, reinforce and strengthen a socially conscious business model through the production of handcrafted baked goods for both pets and people. Brewhaus is dedicated to providing a platform for personal development, empowerment, and community engagement that demonstrates everyone has value and can make a unique contribution for community success and active citizenship".

   The products, The paid Brewhaus Bakery Employees learn to make from scratch Dog treats and will soon be learning to bake People treats such as cookies and cup cakes, from scratch. The operations are supervised and managed by founder, Lisa Graham, Intervention Specialist Cheryl Henkel and  specialist, Katie Schlack. Until now the business was located in Downtown Cincinnati. Two professional bakers will be relocating to the new store from Cincinnati, overseeing the baking of "People Goodies" .

​An important ingredient included in the "Dog Treats"  is spent grains donated by area microbreweries, before wholesome, quality ingredients are added, and a tasty dog treat is then created and made available for your pets.

​   Brewhaus Dog Bones Partner School Districts, ​all supplies ingredients, support, and T shirts provided at no charge as part of the Bakery mission, to support creative social enterprises and vocational training at more than two dozen partnering schools located in Greater Cincinnati and Kentucky. Bakery products are sold in Graeter's Ice Cream Stores in addition to availability at the Miami Avenue location. 

​   The Brewhaus Bakery, ​will be celebrating their "Grand Opening"  on Saint Patrick's Day March 17th.  Please come by, visit and continue supporting this unique Madeira business.   

​Special thanks to Madeira volunteers helping the Bakery, Bill Case, Kenny Wilisch

​and Flottemesch Woodworking.   

Here we "Grow Again", another business locating in Madeira.....

July 29, 2021

   Top Nails has made a substantial investment in Madeira, the companies third Greater Cincinnati location. They have transformed the former King Quick Convenience store into an impressive Nail, Salon, and Spa. Some of the services include Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing, Nail repair, Sugar Scrub, and Massage Services. Stop in the business and tell Manager Richard that you read about Top Nails on the messenger and ask for a tour of our newest business. Top Nails is located at 6911 Miami Avenue, the telephone number is 513 271 7777. Visit their web site for hours and other information.

​​Daveed's Settles on Camargo Road ...........              

July 6, 2017

​    ​  Made a cold call today and discovered another Madeira Jewel, set in the crown. In this case the crown is Camargo Road and the Jewel is a new Madeira business, Daveed's. The name may be new in Madeira, but is not a new name. Owners Chef David and his wife Liz have been in the business of serving up extraordinary meals for quite some time, most recently were located in Mount Adams. In Madeira the Westchester couple are pursuing  a dream different than their previous formats. 

​   They call it "Daveed's  Culinary Kitchen" including "Field to Fork Meals To Go" Cooking Classes, Pop up Tapas Dinners, Graduation PLatters, Family Gatherings, Corporate Events and Catering. While visiting today I was able to see some just prepared meals available for take out. I was impressed because I purchase and deliver meals to elderly Madeira residents. The quality and healthy ingredients was most impressive when I asked about their prepared meals. The pricing is reasonable when considering the quality. Another impressive component of Daveed's is Chef Davids cooking classes. I highly recommend a visit to Daveed's Web Site, Telephone 721-COOK (721-2665)  Their address is 7896 Camargo Road, across from Stigler Lane.

Right, Chef David Cook​​

Swing Ling Grill..

​July 31, 2021,

   This business is expected to be open before the end of this year on Rail Road  Avenue replacing the former B&B Mower Shop. Partners in the Swing Line Grill include local resident Thomas Powers. 

​Above, Natalie & Her Mom Lisa Graham ( Brewhaus Bakery Founder).

Bottom, Puppies, Scarlet & Mabel enjoying Brewhaus treats.

Natalie Graham preparing a tray of "Dog Treats" ready for "Baking".

​Bottom. Red Oven, served at least three Madeira Bakeries.

​Reddens Fine Meats..

​July 31, 2021,

   Reddens Fine Meats is a new Madeira business located in the B&O Railroad Depot, selling prime meat products and fresh fish products. The business is operated by local Madeira resident Sean Redden. 

The Hosbrook House...

August 1, 2021

  The Historic Hosbrook House just got a fresh coat of paint, Cleo Hosbrook would be pleased. Cleo grew up in the house and would eventually give her home and the Muchmore House next door to the City of Madeira, thus creating a Historic area in the heart of downtown Madeira. In 2014 her two houses and the Depot would become a Historic District after 60% of Madeira voters decided to leave the houses standing as Cleo Hosbrook had intended. Today the Hosbrook House is home to LaGrassa. Read more about this business at the bottom of this page.

Business Page.....

La Grassa owner John Berman has announced that he is officially open for business, Friday December 8th, 2017.

LA GRASSA Gelato, "NowOpenFor  Business".......

August 1, 2017

​    ​  Before talking to John Berman I had looked up the definition of entrepreneur. John is the force behind a new business that is now open serving Gelato and Sorbetto, at the Cleo J. Hosbrook House. The Hosbrook House is one of three Historic structures located in the Madeira Historic District. The Historic District is in the heart of Downtown Madeira and includes the Railroad Depot and the Muchmore House. (Read the history of these three buildings at ​​. Gelato is a traditional, milk based Italian confection with a distinct dense, silky and smooth texture that is often compared to ice cream but differs from ice cream in several different ways. A second product that will be served is "Sorbetto", pronounced "Sorbet" in our country. Gelato ​and Sorbetto are gourmet, artisanal foods using one of a kind recipes made from scratch from  the finest ingredients found throughout the world.

​     The name "La Grassa" translates to mean "the Fat" in Italian, and is the nickname for the town of Bologna in Italy. Back to the definition of an Entrepreneur, "John Berman". John describes himself as a "Chef" creating the products that will be sold at La GRASSA, but like so many other business owners, John is building the business from the ground up, a true Entrepreneur. La GRASSA will be a perfect fit with Depot Barbecue, A Tavola, Ferrari's, the Madeira Inn, and Creativities. It is hoped that our city will work, in an effort to enhance the Historic district with the purchase of the vacant B&B Mower property, see the suggested plan at top of this page.

​Photos, Top right, LaGrassa Middle right, refrigeration units are in place, Bottom right, Cleos former living room, prepared for serving Gelato & Sorbetto, Last John Berman, "Entrepreneur", & The Cleo J. Hosbrook House, making it all possible.