Steven Oughterson is the new Fire Chief of the Madeira & Indian Hill Joint Fire District. Steve stated how grateful he is that his wife Deborah like so many wives of Fire Fighters, is understanding and supportive. Steve and Deborah have one son Samuel, an eight grader.

   Chief Schaefer approaching his second year as Madeira Chief, inherited  the Hosbrook Road  issues of motorist violating speed limits. Only the North Bound  lane on Hosbrook is subject to Madeira speeding citations,  Madeira officers can cite motorist in the South Bound lane but speeding tickets will not be subject to Madeira fines, instead will be subject to Sycamore Township fines, not as lucrative for Madeira. Madeira had little control over the installation of traffic control islands, designed and paid for by the township. Schaefer had hoped that the digital speed signs, would make motorist more aware of their speed. Schaefer refers to the digital signs as providing a "Blind Speed Study" . The data retrieved from the study did prove that far too many motorists were traveling in excess of any acceptable leeway from the posted speed on Hosbrook Road. Data shows that every four minutes on Hosbrook Road a motorist is clocked at 36-40 mph, speed that will land you with a speeding citation. Chief Schaefer a second generation police officer provided some important stats, in the year 2017, Madeira Police handed out 11 speeding citations during the period from June thru August. This year (2018) during the same period, June, July and August officers gave out 125 speeding citations.

  The chief also disclosed that the citation cost is as follows, 1-10 over the speed limit $135.00, 11-20 over the speed limit, $165.00 21-30 mph over the limit will cost you $215.00. If you are stopped at 20 mph over the speed limit in a school zone, also expect a court appearance in front of Attorney Brian Redden, Madeira Court Magistrate. Dave was adamant that his officers are committed to enforcing the laws as written with limited discretion.

​​Madeira Police Justify Purchase of All Terrain Vehicle....

October 4, 2018

   On September 30, 2018, Madeiramessenger posted a story on Facebook that questioned the purchase of an All Terrain Vehicle. The cost exceeded $14,000 and this writer questioned if the need justified the cost. Yesterday I was asked to follow along for a first hand look at how our police plan to use the new vehicle. First I learned that the vehicle has some of the same equipment found installed on a police cruisier, including blue and red lights mounted on the roof and a siren. Seat belts are required to be in use anytime the vehicle is moving, for good reason. 

 A picture may be  worth a thousand words and these pictures may validate the All Terrain Vehicle  purchase, you decide. No one can dispute that Madeira is not the rural community it once was, but we do have many areas that are not easily accessible on foot or in a police cruiser. If someone on a bicycle or walking needed some medical assistance on the trail at McDonalds Commons or if there were to be a reason such as patrolling along railroad tracks the new ATV vehicle will serve that purpose. It was pointed out to this writer that the vehicle could be used to bring an injured person out of the park. It was noted while following the ATV, that nothing hampered  or slowed it down. 

 We began across McDonald Commons athletic fields, the vehicle can easily speed up to say 25-50 MPH as required. Officer Byram, slowed down when reaching the entrance to the trail, having no trouble crossing the creek and then back up an embankment. Although the vehicle can seat four persons it is sleek enough, able to maneuver the narrow trail and has space in the back for nearly any situation that may occur, requiring storage space. We then exited the park, coming out onto a residential street, down Dawson Road past the Traditions at Camargo construction site. We easily made a detour through the construction area before heading back up to Camargo Road, crossing Miami Avenue. Further down Camargo Road we turned off at the RR Tracks and headed towards downtown Madeira. It was pointed out as we passed the back of PUB 81, not finished as yet, that the ATV allows for better patrolling of Camargo Road Businesses, because of the view from the RR Tracks.

  We ended up at Miami Avenue at the RR Crossing, stopping for a few moments for business owners of Depot barbecue, Andy and Kristi Benson to have a look at the Police ATV, before crossing over to Dawson Road and back to McDonalds Commons. Officer Byram also mentioned that the vehicle has been used extensively, patrolling the vacant areas surrounding each of the three Madeira School campuses. The ATV has a two year warranty which is not determined by miles driven but instead according to hours driven.

"Coffee with a Cop"....

April 25, 2018

    Today there was a large turnout at Madeira Bruegger's Bakery for "Coffee with a Cop", but there were also many cops in attendance including our police chief and his lovely wife. The Madeira "Cops" mingled with dozens of Madeira residents and posed with the Bruegger's employees, hosting the event. The "cops" had informational hand outs and sat with the residents answering questions and learning about their ideas and suggestions in our community. 

​   Coffee with a Cop did not begin in Madeira, the idea actually began in Hawthorne California, March 2011. That city's Police Department, Community Affairs Unit hosted their first "Coffee with a Cop" event. Police and community members came together in an informal, neutral space to discuss community issues, build relationships, and drink coffee. In just two years "Coffee with a Cop" events were being hosted in more than 36 states across the nation. Madeira has grasped the idea and today was an example of the "Madeira Coffee with a Cop" success

<<<<< Click    Our Fire Trucks are well equipped prior to arriving at any


Ash Fire Department, making it easier while attending classes at UC, Blue Ash Campus. Steve considered Blue Ash a "great job". While taking normal college courses Steve never veered from his desire of becoming a career firefighter. His next opportunity came when he was offered a part time position with the Loveland -Symms  Fire Company.  Soon the part time position became a full time position and included many other opportunities. In 1999  the Loveland-Symms Fire Company made Steve a Lieutenant, but opportunity would come along again, this time in Lebanon Ohio. In Lebonon Steve was promoted to Captain.

<<<<< Click  Climbing up to the second Floor Window in full gear.

​  The firehouse window was designed to allow for thousands of  practice climbs.                                                                                                       Click >>>>>

​    Madeira & Indian Hill Joint Fire District 

​  From the Inside.... 

​          August 17, 2017

​           The history of our fire department can be traced back to 1924, when a two wheel horse cart was built and filled with surplus 2 1/2 inch hose.  In 1927 our fire department purchased their first pumper, a Graham - Dodge which was housed in Jack Diversi's garage located at 7682 Camargo Road. The first firehouse was located in the vacant Traction Car building on Miami Avenue in 1928 before later being relocated to the corner of Miami and Euclid Avenue. In 1940 a second two bay firehouse was constructed at the corner of Shawnee Run and Drake Road. The second firehouse was needed to service the growing needs of Indian Hill. It was just a little over two years ago when Indian Hill residents Harold and Mitze Thomas became aware of the need for replacing both the Madeira and Indian Hill fire houses, Harold and Mitze right away stepped up, while both communities and the fire district were pondering how to finance the new construction, offering to provide funding for the entire cost of both fire houses. The new Madeira and Indian Hill fire houses were built in a record setting twenty five months. Unfortunately, Mitze Thomas passed away prior to completion of the project. This story takes an inside look at some of the unique components that were designed and built into the Indian Hill Fire House providing for advanced fire fighting training. This training is effective and will be important when our men and woman firefighters are called upon in real life situations.

Smile, Your On Candid Camera....

September 7, 2017


​       Transparency,  "cameras help to assure that our officers are responsible, fair, and carrying out their duties as expected. Will allow for review of encounters or incidents with public and to document the incident. Tapes of incidents that are  recorded can be used in court when there is a citation or an arrest, and for "evidence collection". The acquisition of police department cameras began in April 2016 with a study, and review of three proposals. The study included field testing of various cameras, including quality and pricing. Our new police chief, David Schaefer was not employed until earlier this year and inherited the camera project. Dave came up with the idea of combining the purchase of the various project components. Our chief suggested that the components could be purchased as a three year "bundle" saving Madeira tax payers approximately $10,000.00. The cameras were purchased from Pro-Tech Security, Cleveland Ohio, manufactured by Point Blank Enterprises Inc. and supported by Genetec Software Company. The total cost will be $84,504.90 over three years. During that time hardware and software may be swapped out when or if improvements are made, with no additional charge. 

​       The body worn cameras have a 140 degree field of view, with ultra - high definition. The in - car cameras provide AV 360 total view, rear view mirror installed, with four cameras. There is a fifth camera in the prisoner compartment and all cameras are ultra - high definition. Both systems are cloud based with unlimited storage and redaction software. When an officer comes off the road and returns to the police facility the cameras connect to WiFi instantly downloading the camera data to the cloud. The body worn camera is then returned to the docking station located in the police department office. The officer then downloads the data to a server located in the police depatment office. Today the body worn cameras have been purchased, assigned to our officers, are programmed, and ready for field testing. The in - car - cameras have been installed in three police crusiers, a forth is nearing completion and two installations are pending. The in - car work (cameras installed) was completed by the Camp Saftey Company located on Blue Ash Road.

    Laurie Nippert Leonard, "RealtorsWith Heart" founder and Chair Emeritus, this past Wednesday, participated in the presentation of an AED to the City of Madeira. The AED will be kept at McDonalds Commons Park, where with proper training will be a potential life saving tool. Laurie and other Realtors are hoping that AED's will become as common as fire extinguishers. They also are hopeful that many folks can be trained in CPR & AED use, believing that one person can make a difference, saving a life by immediately calling 911, starting CPR & using an AED, ideally, all within 3-5 minutes of someone collapsing. About 300,000 + people die from cardiac arrest every year! That's more deaths than breast cancer, prostate cancer, house fires, & car accidents combined...times four. Greater Cincinnati  "Realtors,With Heart" have trained over 2,100 people, donated 10 free AED's and made over 4,594,100 people more Heart-Safe.

Photo at left, Mark Johnston, Laurie Nippert Leonard, Stephanie Busam, (Manager of Sibcy Cline Realtors, Kenwood Office, Nancy Spencer, Julie McGraw of Pillar to Post.

Digital Sign has been moved around Madeira including Hosbrook Road.

Realtors​R with Heart, Kenwood Sibcy Cline, Donate "Automated External Defibrillator".....  

September 7, 2018

​<<<<< Click   Firehouse has its own hydrant for  connecting fire hoses.

​<<<<<  Click  Firehouse has racks used to dry out wet fire hoses.        Click >>>>>

Photos, Work station includes "docking station" server and PC.

              Madeira police officer Mitchell displays what an officer

              must carry on his person, his Revolver, Taser, and now 

              a body worn  camera. ​       Click to enlarge photos >>>>>>

           Bottom left,   1 typical equipment located inside of  cruiser.

                                    2 Close up of camera.

                                    3 Google locater integrated with camera.

                                    4 Camera shot of Madeira Kroger Store.

         1                           2                                         3                                               4            ​​                 

  Mark L. Johnston Christ Hospital "Emergency Medical Services Coordinator", provides CPR and AED training, shown in photo bottom left, demonstrating the AED, while Madeira Vice Mayor Spencer looks on. Mark might be remembered in Madeira as "Sparky the Fire Dog"  leading many Madeira Independence Day parades. Mark became a Madeira resident in 1983, and began service with the Madeira & Indian Hill Fire Company as a volunteer paramedic-Firefighter. In 1982 Mark was employed by the department as a career employee. In 2005 Mark started working part time at Christ Hospital where he helped start "Project Heart ReStart" with the mission of placing AED's out in non-profit organizations. Through various grants in earlier years, and with the help more recently of Realtorswith Heart, more than 230 AED's have been placed throughout Greater Cincinnati. Every church in Madeira & Indian Hill had an AED when Mark retired from the Madeira & Indian Hill Fire Company at the end of 2013. Mark demonstrates the proper use of the AED that was donated by the Kenwood office of Sibcy Cline Realtors to the City of Madeira. Madeira Police Lieutenant Jeffrey Hagy in bottom right photo is shown at McDonalds Commons, showing where the AED will be placed.  PS, Laurie hopes that her Madeira friends will remember her Aunt Julie Rust, Laurie and Julie ran a business in the 1970's, Mr. Toads Tree House, located on Miami Avenue.

Speed Limit, 25 Miles Per Hour....

September 7, 2018

"This initiative can be transformative; not only for everyone who gets involved in "REALTORS R With Heart", but for this entire State and Beyond." 


                                                                                   Laurie Nippert Leonard

Mission: To make our Cities & States more Heart -Safe through CPR Training/ AED Placement & Advocacy.

                                                                                   Laurie Nippert Leonard >>>>>>>>>

Firefighter successfully enters the depths   Click  >>>>>

Fire & Police

Madeira Indian Hill Fire fighters Getting Live Training...

January 31, 2018

June 2019, added practice work at Gerber Collision on Euclid Road

   Just before four, five family Apartment buildings located on Miami Avenue were razed our fire fighters were allowed the use of the buildings for training exercises. The pictures above show our fire fighters preparing entry into a smoke filled bedroom from outside the building. The entry required breaking out glass and pushing through a small window opening, in full gear including air tanks and smoke mask. Notice the fire fighter standing in the smoke filled bedroom. This writer was allowed in the smoke filled room and had some difficulty finding the exit door. The apartment buildings were razed before January 30th, you can read about the new condos that will replace the apartment buildings on Page 13.

​Something that our firefighters could not do in the old firehouses, raise the cab.  Click >>>>>>>

Madeira Police Officer Rick Byram, above, is pictured  on Hosbrook Road sitting in his cruiser monitoring the speed of passing motorist.

Madeira Police Chief David Schafer at left, sits for an interview, discussing excess speed on Hosbrook Road 

​I got you.....below

The messenger thanks the following members of the Madeira and Indian Hill Joint Fire District for their assistance for this story, Lt. Scheuerman, Lt. Lynch, FF/ Medic Mesley, FF/ Medic Willing, FF/ Medic Stiens, FF/ Medic Lang. Also, Chief Ashbrock and Captain Smith.

<<<<< Click  Air monitoring with Gas meter, Ventilating inside the manhole with compressed air, Entry into underground thru manhole.

Steve was enrolled as a student in the Sycamore school district where he participated as a Cross Country  runner, making the varsity squad as a sophmore. He also was a miler on the Track Team. You might see Steve today still running but at a slower pace. Nearing his senior year at Sycamore, Steve was destined to attend Purdue University, his family was expecting that Steve would have a diploma in accounting. But as the boy grew into a man,  he never abandoned his dream of becoming a career Firefighter. So after one year at Purdue plans were changed, Steve enrolled at the University of Cincinnati where he could still pursue accounting but could also fast track his real love, becoming a Firefighter. He passed his EMT classes after completing a 36 hour course. In 1992 he was hired part time  by the Blue 

  Steve stayed at Lebanon from 2003 thru 2017, when an Assistant Chiefs position became avalailable with the Westchester Fire Department. This year when Madeira-Indian Hill Fire Chief Steve Ashbrock announced his retirement the Board of Directors began the  search for a new Chief. Chief Ashbrock stayed long enough as Chief, making sure that two new Fire stations would be completed, which he did. Indian Hill resident Harold Thomas, provided the financial resources for the construction of both Madeira and the Indian Hill Fire Stations. The Search Committee after an exhaustive search chose Steven Oughterson as our Fire Chief. His official start date was July 1, 2019,

  They say that long ago a young pedestrian was killed on Hosbrook Road, when the speed limit was 35 miles per hour. Today the speed limit is 25 mph, and has recently been subjected to increased enforcement. Madeira Police Chief, David Schaefer talks about the three E's, Engineering, Education, and Enforcement.  In an interview Chief Schaefer explains the three E's and Hosbrook Road Enforcement....

Have You Met The Chief?

August 18, 2019

    There was a time when little boys dreamed about growing up to be a "Fireman", well this story is about the little boy that did just that. Stephen Oughterson was born in Rochester New York, the Son  and Grandson of volunteer Firefighters. His Father living in Rochester NY. as expected worked for the Kodak Camera Corporation, at one time second to none. Steves dad would retire from Kodak after 29 years, but not before he was transferred to Cincinnati, Kodak had a facility on Ronald Reagon, near Galbraith Road. The family lived in Blue Ash.

Top photo, Mo and his Bruegger's crew

​Center photo, Madeira Chief mingling

Right, Gathering

​Left, Lieutenant Jeff Hagy welcomes Ed and Dee Hopping to the "Coffee with a Cop" event at Bruegger's Bakery

Douglas Oppenheimer / Madeira News


Madeira Political News  &  More

  There were changes made on Hosbrook Road when  Sycamore Township installed "islands" in the middle of the road expecting that traffic would be slowed, Engineering did not achieve expectations that traffic would be slowed.  Madeira Police early this summer installed digital speed signs displaying the speed of passing motorist. Education, was still not enough. Madeira Police officers were dispatched on Hosbrook Road all summer, but concerted speed control efforts were not in place prior to August. Some residents complain that posted speed on Euclid Road is 35 mph reduced to 25 when turning onto Hosbrook and 40 mph on Montgomery Road, reduced to 25 mph when turning onto Hosbrook Road.