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September 10, 2021, ​After searching most of yesterday (Thursday the 9 th) I ran out of options, our Governor has used his office and put himself between patients in need of prescribed drugs and the licensed Doctor prescribing the drugs. Governor De Wine has successfully denied residents in Hamilton County access to at least one "WONDER" drug and possibly two. My prescription was written by a licensed Medical Doctor known for his work treating COVID. I am one of what may be thousands that need to purchase Ivermectin in Greater Cincinnati, but can't due to Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine. The alternative is that you will search in various other states for the wonder drug (Merck Sees the Light Provides Ivermectin For Humanity, By Justis R. Hope, MD June 24, 2021 Updated September 8, 2021) A quote from Merck, "We try never to forget that medicine is for the people , it is not profits, The profits follow and if we remembered that, they have never failed to appear" This story is worth reading and every politician should learn from the story. The drug has a history of use treating many ailments including the treatment of COVID. My grand daughter would be driving me to Indianapolis to acquire a prescription that should have been available in Hamilton County.

August 26, August 30, 2021. I went in for my first ever COVID test as required for a procedure at Jewish Hospital the following Monday. The procedure was a normally planned procedure that happens every three years or as needed. The COVID test had come back negative and the the procedure went well. 

January 12, 2018                                                                                

​      Traditions at Camargo will be a very important addition to our community, an upscale place where our senior residents living in Madeira and neighboring communities can migrate leaving behind grass mowing, snow shoveling, and meal planning. Traditions of Camargo will be situated just outside of downtown Madeira, conveniently located on Camargo Road just west of Miami Avenue. Madeira restaurants, Pharmacies, Coffee Shops, and our Kroger store all within walking distance if residents choose, or transportation is provided. Traditions at Camargo is included with a number of other "Traditions" communities located in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.

    The Management Philosophy at Traditions at Camargo is based on their goal, to deliver the highest quality of service to each resident, their families and guest, every day. Traditions at Camargo becomes home to the residents, management will ensure that the atmosphere provided will foster dignity, independence, and self - esteem, allowing for each resident to live life to the fullest. The Traditions at Camargo staff will be empowered  to make decisions on a daily basis. The "team" employed at Traditions at Camargo will work together ensuring that resident health and safety stay as top goals allowing residents to live life on their own terms, while enjoying the company of others in a community setting, creating a sense of pride, where caring comes naturally.

​   Traditions at Camargo will include three different living choices, Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care. Independent living will allow residents in and around Madeira to transition from their current home, meet new friends and meet with old friends, while not requiring help with daily activities. The new residents will choose from upscale one or two bedroom apartments, a fully equipped kitchen, and a comfortable living room. Assisted living apartments are for those residents needing assistance with personal  care and daily living activities. Traditions at Camargo will provide a wellness director for the assisted living residents. The wellness director will help the assisted living residents with their own "personal service plan", addressing daily activities such as bathing, dressing and assistance with medication; coordinated by a 24 hour licensed nursing staff.

​Part two in this series will be "Memory Care" at Traditions at Camargo, coming in March 2018.


Early on as the crisis began there was an unexpected run on most  grocery Store items including toilet paper, meats, bread products, sanitizer's, dairy products, ​and many other important grocery products. For nearly a week our Kroger store employees played catch up. For that period of time customers concerned about  the Coronavirus outbreak were buying out the inventory quicker than inventory could be replenished. But due to the extraordinary efforts of our Madeira Kroger employees and management our store has been able to "catch up". 

As of today, March 22. 2020, more trucks have been able to make delivery's and with the help of outside Kroger employees our store is closer to normal then it has been for the past several weeks. The store hours have been adjusted opening at 7 AM and closing at 9 PM, allowing for more time to restock shelves, cleaning and sanitizing. There  are plans being considered that would temporary change the way that we purchase products from the Deli, and Bakery., products will be more prepackaged.  

​Our Kroger management is optimistic that Madeira residents will continue to be well served and that we will beat the Coronavirus outbreak.

September 25, 2021, Conclusions, I've learned quite a bit since August 26th, about COVID -19, how to treat the disease, and when to begin the treatment. I have many questions about the several vaccines and how effective the vaccines really are. or aren't. I am concerned about the billions of dollars given to the companies that are providing the vaccines. Their profits are in the billions and the stocks have increased many times over. I am concerned that more than 600,000 Americans have died, many souls died in hospitals, where you are supposed to be saved. I am concerned that the focus has not been on life saving treatments but instead on vaccines that are in reality still unproven and there are too many militant  efforts, demanding that Americans be vaccinated. A vaccination is no guarantee  that you won't come down with COVID  or spread the disease to others. Vaccines have been and  are still  tools being used for political gain and control over Americans. I have very little faith in using any of the vaccines. Every aspect of life in America is threatened by government control of the vaccine distribution and government control over the distribution of other  drugs used in the  treatment of  COVID.  What I have seen is death to those whom have not received treatment at the earliest outset of COVID and the reluctance to use some life saving drugs due to the inability to purchase the needed medicine in Ohio, or that hospitals are overly focused on vaccines and have not put the needed resources into the development and use of treatments. My wife and I both began with Hydroxychloroquine, she hasn't needed any other treatments. I began also with Hydroxychloroquine, and ended with a prescription for ivermectin. A third prescription has been Dexamethasone, a drug  given to me during the two days spent at Mercy -- Anderson Hospital. and AccuDoc prior to the Hospital visit. The three drugs that I believe helped save my life were  prescribed by AccuDoc/Urgent Care, they have two locations in Indiana and one location in Ohio. I made three visits to the Batesville office, my most recent visit was this past Wednesday, September 22nd., Another local story just told to me was a young woman who is seven months pregnant visiting her doctor. was told that she needed to get vaccinated or both she and her baby might die from COVID, an example of the pressure that is being applied to those not vaccinated, while those vaccinated are also coming down with COVID and many are dying. I am not disputing that the disease is a serious threat, but also think that health care providers need to do a much better job in the treatment, and government needs to butt out. Last but not least take your Zinc, D3, and vitamin c daily.

The idea for this story began when a former Madeira resident and friend, invited me to visit her church, and see how much has been done, updating and enlarging the Church in time for Easter services. My friend is Susan Hill and her Church is Kenwood Baptist Church located on Kenwood Road just past the intersection of Kenwood and Galbraith Roads. Kenwood Baptist Church is known for community outreach and inspiring Sunday Morning messages from their Pastors. Spend your Easter morning services at 9:30 AM or 11 AM. See their Website and Facebook for more church details.

August 21, 2021, Our Board of Education has decided that pre-school students thru 6th grade students will required to wear face coverings and 7th grade students thru grade 12 will not be required to wear face coverings. The district is recommending that all Madeira students wear face coverings. Four members of city council are attempting to force face coverings on all Madeira students. Clip on to blue box at left to view proposed ordinance.


I have never attempted to suggest that my friends should resist my concerns for not accepting the vaccine "JAB" but i have my personnel reasons for not "opting in"  and will be explaining.

​Four liberal members of Madeira City council are proposing that Mask (face coverings) be worn in Madeira, Use your mouse to click on to the blue box at left to read the proposed Ordinance.

​Jim Renacci, DeWine primary opponent? Maybe.

The Headline is "Why even fully Vaccinated Older People are at High Risk for Severe COVID-19

By Amy McKeever, National Geographic, October 19, 2021

   Some quotes from this story include "Mounting Data suggest that older people are at higher risk of severe disease from breakthrough infection of COVID-19- and scientist say that should come as no surprise." "After all, older age brackets have been disproportionately at risk throughout the pandemic, and that continues to be true even once someone is FULLY VACCINATED" There are concerns about breakthrough infections more since former secretary of State Colin Powell died after contacting COVID-19. Powell did have multiple myeloma, a cancer of white blood cells. People over 65 account for 67 percent of hospitalizations and 85% of deaths from breakthrough cases. "If you're under 45, your chances of dying are almost nonexistent, and then it increases exponentially". COVID-19 is still a disease that is not understood and there are too many questions, including the vaccines.  Joe Biden a brainless man is now pushing unproven vaccines on very young children just 5 to 11 years of age, not my grandchildren. This lame brain president is taking America to lows never before seen, MANDATES every where, even in our armed forces. Where will this end?


This is some of the most depressing news that I have reported on this Web Site, while my wife and I were fortunate in our battle with COVID another Madeira husband and wife were not. I didn't know Tim and Billie Yeoman prior to becoming a resident in 1970, there are others that were friends with Tim and Billie all through Madeira schools, but I'm glad for the years that I have known the couple.. I have been told that some of Tim's teachers didn't vote for him as the most likely to succeed but Tim proved them wrong, he bought and grew Green Sales becoming very successful, in fact Green Sales became the largest Ford parts distributer in the country. I understand that Billie was taken to Bethesda Hospital where she succumbed to COVID, Tim was taken to Jewish Hospital with COVID before being transferred to Hospice in Madeira. I can' t begin to tell you how much of a loss this is to Madeira. Condolences to Tim and Billie's wonderful family. The attached file photo was taken at a Madeira Historial Society December Dinner meeting. 

September 8th, I had made a decision that a respected, licensed Physician known for providing alternative COVID treatments would see me at his Batesville office, I was ready for more help. My appointment booked, and with the help of my grand daughter as my driver we arrived and began the visit with the COVID swab used to substantiate that I had been correct, I had COVID , destroying my optimism that whatever I had was on its way out of my body. But I was OK and ready for what now would be round two. The loss in 1997, of a beautiful 21 year old daughter, Erin will always be my biggest difficulty in life. You never get over the loss of a child. I was meeting COVID nose to nose. The Indy. Doctor is associated with the FLCCC Alliance Group, but has an independent medical Urgent Care / AccuDoc office facility in Batsville right off the interstate. The facility operates much like doctors could when many ran their own private practices., Joseph in the Ridge, Jones in Roselawn and Pfister in Roselawn, and  how many doctors lived and had their offices in Madeira. all of those great doctors living and working in Madeira,  My new doctor began a regiment of treatments that included a prescription for the wonder drug "IVERMECTIN"  and the drug Dexamethasone. This story I know is far from ending but cannot begin again before tomorrow.

Although it was decided that I would cancel my  Saturday volunteer work at the Museum on September the 4th, I still  had grass to mow and grass trimming. I accomplished this chore but was becoming fatigued during and afterwards. Some of the yard work was set aside for later. By now I did suspect that COVID  or something very unwanted was attacking my body. I added to my vitamin list and swallowed the required number of my wife's Hydroxychloroquime tablets (she was taking the tablets for what she suspected was COVID coming on and she would be correct) over the required five days knowing that I would need more assistance from a doctor. I was pretty certain that my regular Doctors Group that I see for  any other medical issues would have treatment options  that would require a second opinion. My second opinion came first but my alternate opinion was the right decision so far. I will still be a patient at Tri-Health but not for COVID . 

September 1, 2021, went to my Miller House volunteer job today feeling pretty good , no COVID, and was beginning to eat again. Something strange was beginning that I mistook for a TIA, my lips were swelling and I was tired  I decided that my good friends over at the Madeira Firehouse should check me out for an oncoming stroke or a possible heart issue. They determined that I checked out OK and I finished my day at the Miller House, I'm lucky that these guys are there, If Elizabeth Miller would have donated or sold her house and property to the City of Madeira, the Miller House and grounds would  be the Firehouse today

This posting (at left) is the March 22, 2020, "Stay-At Home Order" From The State of Ohio, in Its entirety including all of the Exceptions.   March 22, 2020

St. Paul United Methodist Church, located at intersection of Miami and Galbraith Road. Photo at left.

​Madeira - Silverwood Presbyterian Church, located at the intersection of Miami and Greenbriar Avenue, See Sunday services included in photo below.

Madeira Schools have been closed since March 12, 2020. The first Coronavirus school update was issued by the School District on March 2, 2020, with no mention that Madeira schools might be subjected to closure.  Subsequently the district issued updates on March 12th and 16th. The district has posted a message that the schools will be closed until April 3, 2020, but that date surely will be extended, and it is possible that a plan to reopen our schools in the fall. It appears that there is a need for a more timely updates based on events in Madeira, Ohio and across the Country. There surely must be planning for cancelled events within the School District. The School District Website is

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If your business has a dining area, you can provide pick up service, but no dining in. Brueggers and Starbucks will only have food and drinks to go", while we are fighting the Coronavirus.

La Grassa owner John Berman is also a small business owner. He sells Geloto and other dessert products, made on site. La Grassa is located on Miami Avenue in the Madeira Historic District, next door to the Muchmore House. John can only provide orders to go, and is prepackaging more of his products for quicker pickup.

There is very little difference between these two men, both men are standing in the way of Doctors treating their patients. Apparently these men both are willing to see Americans die rather than allowing Doctors to treat COVID patients with proven wonder drugs. Both men have spent most of their lives running for public office. 

The question for Mr. De Wine is will he support House Bill 248 or will he continue assisting in the deaths of hundreds of Ohio residents not able to acquire their life saving drugs prescribed from licensed Doctors. Is DeWine any different than the brainless man in the White House, DeWine expects that he will be challenged in a primary before the 2022 election for governor.

Local Madeira Business "Creations by Melody", Offering Fantastic Takeout Meals at Their Madeira Commissary Located on Center Street Across from the Madeira Post Office. This Business has Been in Madeira For 20 Years Catering All Over Greater Cincinnati. Help our Small Madeira Businesses Survive. 

Traditions at Camargo opens..

November 12, 2019

September 19, 2021, I am just two days from September 21, the date that I can again return to life as I knew it before COVID, mowing two acres of grass at the Miller House, making my runs to Madeira Kroger's, get a hair cut and get back into reporting on the council race. and other Madeira news. It has been several weeks since I came down with COVID, and according to my Mercy Hospital  Doctor, Carlos Rubiano and AccuDoc, Urgent Care Doctor Trent Austin I had a very serious case of COVID.. 

There is one statement in my dismissal from Mercy Anderson Hospital that really stands out, "Anyone can get sick from COVID-19. However people with chronic medical problems and older age have a higher chance of getting sicker with COVID-19. There is no medically proven treatment for COVID-19 but if you are feeling sick doctors may be able to help you get better. The most important step to staying healthy is to do what you can to prevent infection". I agree with this statement and far too many Americans have died many if not most have died in Hospitals. Large "Doctors Groups" and Hospitals will not provide Hydroxychloroquine, or Ivermectin but at least are using Dexamethasone. My recent experience is that these drugs must be taken as soon as you are attacked by the disease to be effective. Our family is familiar with a 40 year old woman who came down with COVID one week ago and when she asked her doctor in Northern Kentucky for Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin he literally laughed at her and brought up the cost,  when former President Trump was given the wonder drugs. The woman's doctor refused her request. Our friend  made an appointment with a different doctor who provided the two requested drugs, and within 24 hours the young woman was on her way to a full recovery.  Another young person seeing a doctor in Middletown was shown a threatening  letter from the state of Ohio discouraging doctors from prescribing Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin This woman also had to seek an alternate Doctor to stay alive. Lets read again from Mercy Anderson,  "There is no medically proven treatment for COVID-19"  and the vaccines are proving less than perfect. The FDA just gave brainless Biden quite a  jolt this week by denying another "booster" shot to the general public. Our government hasn't been providing factual data this entire year but is threatening Americans across America if they don't succumb to the pressure to be vaccinated, with still unproven vaccines.

      Governor De Wine has NO COMMENT beyond the Ohio Board Of Pharmacy Letter,                                                                                              Dan Tierney, Press Secretary for De Wine

September 2, I lead a very busy life , on this day I had an appointment to have my feet checked out at the Podiatrist, more preventive care, If I had become COVID  sick after testing negative on August the 26th my podiatrist didn't notice. Something of interest not mentioned yet was the that I made a surprise visit with a fried in Madeira, the visit was to observe the "sinkhole" over off off Dawson Road,  Wanted to take photos for an upcoming news story. My friend was  coughing and had a runny nose, but had been "FULLY VACCINATED" He didn't suspect COVID but I did because vaccinated Americans were dying from COVID and spreading the disease, contrary to what the effects should have been for someone fully vaccinated. I said nothing to me friend not wanting to alarm him, My friend and his wife ended up spending more than two hours at Bethesda hospital for a treatment never expected when my friend and his wife agreed to the COVID Vaccine. 

​​By this time I had lost all sense of smell and could taste nothing, was sleeping constantly. I never had a fever or if I did i swallowed "Tylenol" tablets keeping the fever down, My wife did have a fever but we lowered her temperature also with Tylenol, Other giveaways were a 17 pound weight loss, dizziness, blurred eyesight. and vomiting, did not eat for several days. I began having  more dreams in my sleep than I have ever before remembered. Pain in most of my body has been more severe then in recent memory. But I have had only mild breathing issues, mainly a minor pain in my lungs, lucky knowing that I grew up with life threatening Asthma, overcome by participating in sports beginning in the 7th grade. There have been  more signs there was something wrong  when unable to quench my thirst nothing made a difference, including water, or any branded thirst quencher. My lips were parched and my mouth was bone dry, making it difficult to swallow. I forced myself to drink, food could wait, but with four daughters food appeared on the front porch, the Jell- O would help and I craved Yogurt.

​      COVID 2021 - CITY OF MADEIRA   August 2021

They say that State Officials in China knew about a serious outbreak of a new virus as early as October-November 2019, but did not share their knowledge with the world. In January 2020, the Virus, now known as "Coronavirus was still mostly in China, but was creeping into South Korea, Italy and the entire world including the United States. It appears today that most of the world did not know or understand how serious this sickness was or would become. Coronavirus has proven to be highly contagious and deadly to many segments of people especially the elderly. Notice that our City Government continued to police and maintain our streets, but many areas of Madeira Government was closed to Madeira residents, including City Offices and Public meetings.

Connections Christian Church, located on Miami Avenue between Montgomery and Miami Roads. Photo below.

Four exceptional local Madeira Church's that I recommend not just for Easter services, but for every Sunday. 

St. Gertrude Catholic Church, located at the intersection of Miami Avenue and Shawnee Run.

September 15, 2021, Today I will be visiting for the first time since leaving Mercy Hospital, Doctor Austin, in Batesville. I believe that Doctor Austin has had everything to do with my winning fight with COVID. Three of my treatments have included Hydroxychloroquine,  Dexamethasone, and Ivermectin

Negative / Positive,  My Covid Journal 

In Madeira and Neighbors, Easter 2022 

Join your neighbors, find Jesus Christ at our Madeira Church's 


       March 22, 2020

September 17, found out today that Joe Biden is restricting shipments of life saving COVID treatments to Florida and Texas., all in the name of equity. This is another example of government interfering with doctor / patient relationships.

On this day at 7:30 AM I set out with a driver (Grand Daughter) for a pharmacy in Indiana, to have an important prescription filled in my battle with COVID My treatment so far was a success, one Hydroxychloroquine daily for five days and beginning with Dexamethasone after returning from Indianapolis. The first application of Dexamethasone was applied at the Doctors office on the 8th via a needle. But there would be problems on Friday the 10th not as much from COVID but rather from not sleeping for24 hours and running out of important meds while waiting for refills. By the end of the the day I would be exhausted from the lack of sleep, the long drive and of course COVID. I was still with my Grand Daughter (Driver) when everything caught up with me, the Anderson Hills Life Squad was called and it was determined that I would get a ride to Mercy Hospital, just minutes away.. It had been too long a day, sleepless and without important medications. The medical personnel in the Emergency room were excellent, ex-rayed my lungs and would admit me to a room for further assistance and evaluation.

September 11 & 12, The Hospital, I've never spent much time in any hospital but the two days spent at Mercy Hospital were needed and in two days I was  back on my feet. Thank God I had already been treating my COVID and the disease in my opinion and that of others was improving daily. Most of my COVID symptoms were disappearing but the problem of exhaustion was still serious when I was admitted to the hospital and needed most of all to be treated for dehydration and exhaustion. Something that was working in my favor was four strong daughters going to work on my behalf from the minute I was admitted in the hospital talking daily and nightly with both the night and day nurses and with the hospital doctor. They made sure that the staff was aware of any medical issues that I might have had so not to mistake my issues for more than they were. That included "NO VENTILATOR". the two nurses and  the hospital doctor were exceptional at performing their jobs in light of personal shortages and an abundance of COVID patients. In fact my night nurse had a good story, he grew up north of Dayton in a farming community, chickens, cows and horses. He attended a small High School where he met and married his high school sweetheart. His wife was working also as a nurse one floor below the floor that he and I were on, where she was attending COVID patients on ventilators. I was pleased to be on his floor. Then there was my day nurse, another committed hard working nurse, with a story maybe with some Madeira connections. Her husband works for a gas line company that contracts installing underground pipe for Duke Energy, and I was pretty sure that his company installed our new gas line from Miami Avenue to the Miller House Museum. I directed her to the photos that were posted to Facebook. showing the entire gas line installation project. Last there was the Doctor who began by telling me that he would treat me just like he would if I was his father, uncle or any other member of his family, very reassuring and am certain that he will become a great doctor. The young doctor began his life in Columbia South America where members of  his family still resides.

I felt reassured that my alternative treatment was the correct treatment when I discovered that the hospital doctor was treating me with the same powerful steroid that my alternative COVID doctor had also already started me on two days earlier. The drug was Dexamethasone. What's interesting, yesterday it was announced that an study in Israel has found that I may now have 27-30 times better immunity than say Mike DeWine , who has been vaccinated, and that is in spite of governments efforts to prevent my treatment. .Thank You, Mercy Hospital staff and Anderson Township life squad members.