June 14, 2020 "I look forward to working with Council , City Administration, Chief Schaefer, and the Madeira Police Department, and voices from the community and beyond to shape a plan that fully supports our COMMITMENT TO RACIAL EQUITY AND THE BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT" This quote is from our Mayor Nancy Spencer and implies that all of the parties mentioned in the quote are in support of the BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT

The Black Lives Matter Movement began in 2013 following the acquittal of a police officer accused of murdering Trayvon Martin. The Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc. is a global organization in the United States, UK, and Canada. Their mission is to eradicate white supremacy, and intervene in violence inflicted on black communities by the state and vigilantes. 

No one can dispute that every Black Life matters, but the "Black Lives Matter Movement" is a radical, Marxist organization. and has no place in Madeira.

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Councilman Chris Hilberg Wants to Recreate The Madeira "Community Investment Corporation" Heres Why...


The photo above shows two "Political Signs" that according to the city of Madeira violate local sign regulations, but the bigger question is the Constitutionality of the Madeira Sign Regulations. This writer differs with the regulations and has filed suit in Federal Court. Click on to buttons at right to read my argument.

City Of Madeira City Council Members Instruct Graydon Attorneys to File Motions To Dismiss Federal First Amendment Case, Federal Magistrate Refuses. >>>>>>

Attorneys ordered to explore mediation or alternative dispute resolution, click on to blue button >>>>>>>>>>>>>

August 25, 2014, By this time it was clear that the only way to assure and restore integrity in Madeira would be the passage of Issue 13, an amendment to our charter creating a historic district and preserving and protecting the historic houses, Muchmore, Hosbrook, and the B&O RR Depot. Beginning in 2011 our city manager Thomas Moeller, various Mayors, and council members were all focused on their dream of a restaurant in downtown, that the best interest of the city was ignored. Moeller and council members were selling out the city, offering Powers exclusive opportunities for the use to buy or lease property owned by Madeira Tax Payers. Never did city officials ever consider any competitive opportunities for development of our downtown, only a developer having ownership of one small restaurant located in downtown Loveland, who told members of council that his Paxton Grill Financials would not allow enough in borrowing to have a second floor on his proposed restaurant. Collusion among our city manager, council members and Powers, residents were lied to, including not enough space for parking, and NOWHERE to move the historic houses. Moeller had failed to negotiate a purchase with the CXS Railroad.

Civil Lawsuit, City of Madeira vs Philip Douglas Oppenheimer Filed May 2018 Hamilton County Judge  Shanahan Issues Final Rulings October 28, 2020 - Council Members Lose in Court of Appeals..

A Decade Ago.........

January 5, 2021

The beginning, the story begins nearly a decade ago, Rick Brasington was serving his two year term as Madeira Mayor, and of course Thomas Moeller was serving as Madeira City Manager, he has been in that position for longer than 30 years. Moeller was hired by former Mayor Jeff Corcorin, the only Madeira mayor to face a recall election. Mayor Brasington asked if he and Moeller could have some time at a Madeira Historical Society board meeting. The meeting would soon be held at the Madeira Library meeting room. I remember that meeting as though it just happened. Brasington and Moeller were there requesting a blessing, support for a restaurant envisioned for Miami Avenue, right in the heart of downtown Madeira. This proposed development was a dream, there had been no public discussion in the community, and the Historical Society Board meeting was most certainly the first public exposure. City Manager Moeller stated that the proposed development would be on Miami Avenue between Laurel avenue and Railroad Avenue, in place of the two historic houses  owned by the city, the Muchmore House and the Hosbrook House. Both historic houses had been deeded to our city by Miss Cleo Hosbrook, her family members were early settlers of Madeira. Prior Mayors and Councils had made commitments that the two houses would be preserved where they stood, and that a museum would be instituted in one of the historic houses. Society Board members then posed two questions to City Manager Moeller, following his "pitch", there could not possibly be space for adequate parking and how would the city preserve the Hosbrook and Muchmore houses, in light of the commitments made to Miss Hosbrook. Brasington had a drawing of what the restaurant might look like. These two questions the first from Susan Hill and the second from Douglas Oppenheimer were addressed by Manager Moeller, whose integrity and honesty would soon be tested. Next, the "Swingline Grill".

Click on to red button on left to read recommendation from Federal Court in "SIGN CASE"

Federal Lawsuit Filed on May 8, 2020, challenging constitutionality of accusations of Vexatious Conduct leveled by Madeira City Council members against resident Douglas Oppenheimer, costing Madeira Tax Payers more than $400,000. See page 11 for more details.

October 2012, Ordinance No. 12-27, creating the "Muchmore Historical Area", do not confuse with the "Madeira Historic District". Ordinance No. 12-27 was created specifically to enhance the relationship that Indian Hill developer Thomas Power's had with Madeira City Manager Tom Moeller, and council members Adrien, Brasington, Dicke, Staubach, Steir, and Steur. The Ordinance was written for Tom Powers, making sure that no other restaurant ideas or possibilities would be considered. It was stated in the Ordinance that "the city hereby commits to providing a vision of the "Madeira Historic Area" after consultation with developers (a lie only Powers would be considered) and with persons, and organizations committed to preserving the significant historical landmarks of the area, and developers who share this mixed use vision, While reserving its obligations to make decisions consistent with the long term good of the community, which meet the two prong goal stated herein (preservation of historical significant landmarks and creating a compatible retail destination) the city shall commit to the best available plan ( another lie, only plans submitted by Powers would be considered)  that achieves it's objectives" " The city shall reserve its authority under constitutional home rule provisions of the Ohio Constitution to acquire or convey such interest in real estate within the Muchmore Historical Area (MHA). One purpose, allowing for only one developer to propose redevelopment proposals in the heart of downtown Madeira, THOMAS POWERS, owner of just one small restaurant, Paxtoons Grill, located in Loveland ,Ohio.

Moeller, in an email to Powers, "Be thinking about what you can afford to pay for the property based on your Pro Forms, That's an important piece to the entire scenario" the fix was in! 

Corruption - "dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people

such as government officials". Scott Gehring (left) and Chris Hilberg (right) are both running for re-election. Were they complicit when City Manager Moeller instructed a subordinate to affix her signature to  Ordinance 17-06  with no authority to do so.

All trials require that a record  of the proceedings be kept, referred to as a "Transcript". Madeira City Council members on May 2018 filed a civil lawsuit at the expense of Madeira Tax Payers. The lawsuit has already cost more than $500,000 (thru February 2021). Read the record at left, of the September 30, 2020, trial proceedings, before reading the decisions rendered by Judge Shanahan, above posted on the red button and Blue button, and last read the  Appeals Court decision posted on the clear button above.

Cleo J. Hosbrook, When Cleo Hosbrook due to health reasons moved into a local skilled nursing facility, her worry was the future of her family homestead. She had put her trust in Madeira Council members, and Madeira Law Director Daniel Randolph, that her two houses, would be preserved and that both houses and the B&O Depot would become part of "an attractive historical center". In November 2014 on election day, Madeira voters by a substantial margin decided that her wish would be honored. 

Cleo had been a school teacher at Condon School where she taught children with special needs. Her father was a surveyor and surveyed most of Madeira and surrounding communities. Today because of Miss. Hosbrook's  generosity Madeira has a busy Historic District in the center of downtown Madeira.



First Read What Madeira Tax Commissioner Kristie Lowndes Testified to And Then Read Madeira City Managers Testimony

March 12, 2022, The controversial Inclusion Committee survey results have been kept under wraps until now. The "COMMITTEE" has had no oversight and does not reflect Madeira community values, read what your neighbors think about this out of control city entity.

​April 7, 2022, On this date Preliminary Survey Results were released by the Madeira Inclusion Committee, and are posted on the blue button above.

April 1, 2013, Letter from former Mayor Rick Brasington, laying out the relationship that the city of Madeira had with ONLY ONE person, Indian Hill resident Thomas Powers. Powers began the relationship in 2010-2011 when he began secret meetings with 30 year plus city manager Thomas Moeller. Powers with several partners owned a small restaurant in Loveland called Paxton's Grill. Mayor Brasington confirms that "the city has been negotiating with Tom Powers for a couple of years". He goes on "Those negotiations have been ongoing in executive session for all the right reasons, and we have arrived at the point where Mr. Powers needed some assurances about the city's intent so he could approach the banks for a loan". The executive session's that Brasington described were illegal and when former Madeira resident Jim Horwitz filed a lawsuit against Madeira and won, Madeira tax payer's paid out $47,000 in legal fees. Powers participation in the illegal meetings was part of the lawsuit.

Brasington goes on, "the recently passed ordinance 13-15 is that document; it provides exclusive negotiating rights to Mr. Powers for a period of 60 days with an option for another 60 days" "This is not a secret sweetheart deal done behind closed door's,  Any developer could have come to the city over the years about that property with a proposal, but none have with the exception of Mr. Powers".. This letter clearly stated that City Manager Moeller, the mayor and council members, failed to reach out for other options for downtown Madeira and in fact  never stopped what would be defined as collusion with Powers. When Powers notified City Manager Moeller that his financials from Paxton's in Loveland would not allow for a two story building on Miami Avenue, Moeller offered that the tax payer's would loan the Paxton partners the shortfall allowing for a two story Paxton's Grill, on Miami Avenue. This plan failed to materialize when Moeller had to admit that his negotiations with the CSX Railroad Corporation had failed. Moeller had to have the CXS property along the Railroad tracks to relocate the two historical houses, left to the city by Cleo Hosbrook. Moeller had lied earlier when he met with the Madeira Historical Society.

March 2013,There should be no doubting that City Manager Moeller, and Indian Hill resident (Powers moved to Madeira several years ago) Thomas Powers have spent the last ten years colluding, in an effort for Powers to put a restaurant in the middle of downtown Madeira. City Manager Moeller, various Mayors, and City Council members have met in secret, (executive sessions) for most of the last ten years, sometimes allowing Powers to attend those meetings contrary to Ohio Law.  In 2013 former Madeira resident Jim Horwitz filed a lawsuit against the City of Madeira, for illegal meetings, settled out of court, costing Madeira tax payers more than $47,000. The email posted below, was notification from Moeller, sent to Powers that the fix (my words) was in, Ordinance number 12-27  favoring the interest of Powers, and no other entity. More legislation would be coming from council eliminating any competition in the development of downtown Madeira. Thomas Moeller has a history over the past ten years of very often being untruthful, with the full support of Mayors and Council members. NEXT, Negotiations withCXS Railroad 2012-2013.

Moeller Testimony From Red Button Above: Question, Mr. Moeller you just heard your employee testify that you appointed her as acting Clerk of Council? Moeller Answer, NO, I DID NOT APPOINT HER AS THE ACTING CLERK OF COUNCIL. Question, Who did appoint her? 

So City Manager Moeller testified that Tax Commissioner Lowndes was wrong, he did not appoint her as "ACTING COUNCIL CLERK", did she lie, commit purjury, or did Moeller LIE? Looks like corruption, when Moeller took the document signed by Lowndes directly to the Hamilton County Board of Elections, perpetuating the fraud. At this point Moeller knew that without the fraudulent signature on the document City Council would have had no option other than calling off the Special Election, but the stakes were too high, the election was too important to Madeira City Council. But when Moeller returned to Madeira he brought back an unsigned copy of the Ordinance, gave the unsigned copy to the Madeiramessenger, claiming that only the unsigned copy was left at the BOE, another lie, further perpetuating his lies, there was no mention of the copy with an unathorized signature (Lowndes) left at the Board of elections. Sure looks more and more like the definition of CORRUPTION and both candidates for re-election, Gehring and Hilberg were totally in, COMPLICIT! in fact Hilberg along with Mayor Theis were both sitting in the Courtroom listening to Moeller's testimony.

City Council members including Gehring and Hilberg are expending hundreds of thousands (tax payers money) in an effort to stop this site from exposing what looks more and more like "CORRUPTION". 

Gehring and Hilberg were re-elected in the November 2019 General Election, but the Madeira Corruption charges will not go away!

Councilman Chris Hilberg is running for Re-election this November and is already pushing hard along with other council cohorts for the re creation of  "Madeira Community Investment Corporation" or CIC for short. Previously Hilberg's family was able to acquire much of Railroad Avenue Real-Estate through the former CIC, quietly. Notice in the rendering above that the city would be required to buy back the Railroad Avenue property that Hilberg owns. Sources say that Hilberg got a sweetheart deal possibly paying as little as one dollar for the original purchase. If Hilberg is re-elected  and he is successful in recreating a CIC there will be a strong possibility of more corruption or ethics issues in Madeira. A CIC can acquire property, assemble the properties, and have the properties developed, all with nearly no oversight. Hilberg has been  involved in four years of Madeira Government corruption and ethics issues, see page 2, 4, and 11 for details. 

August 20, 2020, Letter submitted at left explains why a Madeira resident would at his expense have 100 signs made showing his appreciation for the work of of our Madeira Police Officers. A second Madeira family had an additional 100 signs made and began distribution on August 20, 2020. 

A Decade Ago, in 2010 and 2011 Indian Hill resident Thomas Powers was out scouting around Madeira for a suitable and more importantly affordable location for a restaurant. There were suitable locations for a restaurant but Powers was unwilling to pay the cost for the suitable Madeira locations. Prior to the fall of 2011, Powers was discussing his restaurant plans with Madeira City Manager, Thomas Moeller. Moeller was aware that the owner of property at Miami and Laurel Avenue, Hank Schneider was talking to Chase Bank about locating a new branch on his property. The proposed plan was to tear down the existing building and construct a new building for Chase Bank. Moeller and Powers began discussing with Hank Schneider's partner Doug Messer, the possibility of a larger commercial development that would include a restaurant situated on Miami Avenue and Railroad Avenue. Powers was one of the partners owning Paxton's Grill in Loveland.

March 2011, City Manager Thomas Moeller, and Indian Hill resident Thomas Powers were busy exchanging e-mails, plotting various ideas that would lead to a new Madeira restaurant for Powers and his Paxton Grill partners. Moeller on August 19, 2011, in an email sent to Powers, "Also for what its worth Department, Tom Applegate / Resistflame stopped me on the street yesterday asking about sign regulations for real estate for sale signs, I'll see if I can find out any additional information". Tom Applegate who grew up in Madeira, still owns a vacant 4,000 Sq. Foot building on Miami Avenue in downtown Madeira. Tom Powers did consider Applegate's building. Powers asked Moeller if City Council would consider connecting the two city owned historic buildings (Muchmore and Hosbrook Houses) for his restaurant. On April 29, 2011, Moeller sent Powers an email "Good morning Tom, talked with City Council about the idea of joining the two buildings. There was some interest although a couple members expressed concern about how it would look, I'm tied up most of the day so give me a call on Monday and we can discuss further. Have a good weekend". On March 7, 2011, Moeller sent an email to Powers "I think that everything is on the table, for initial discussions at this point, My goal is to get some feedback from the council committee on the direction they would like me to pursue so we can start formulating a strategy for property acquisition, infrastructure improvements, etc. Lets plan to talk about it all. Re; the Antique shop (on Railroad Avenue)  150% over the value of our appraisal from 2007, not surprised at all". In the same email Powers is suggesting moving the two historic houses and building something new in their place. Powers also suggested expanding the historic B&O Depot, doubling the size. On September 20, 2011, Tom Powers for the first time in an email to Moeller brought up contacting the Railroad Company about acquiring their property on Railroad Avenue, without the Railroad property the two historic houses could not be moved. Moeller and City Council members by the end of 2011 had no plans for downtown, were exclusively involved with an Indian Hill developer with no real-estate ownership in Madeira.


March 13, 2022, The Madeira Inclusion Committee either are, or are close to violating our city charter. The committee has sent out more than a few letters similar to the letter at left to city entities, the Madeira-Indian Hill Fire Department, and other Madeira city organizations. In their most recent meeting a Fire Captain was interrogated, it was implied that the department does not adhere to proper hiring practices as determined by members of the Inclusion Committee. The Inclusion Committee does not have this kind of authority, and their actions very likely are in violation of our charter "Interference by Council". This committee is an embarrassment and in the best interest of  our community, should be dissolved. I will be posting more information supporting my opinion very soon.

Madeira City Attorney and City Council members Opposing The Payment of invoice presented from Attorney Curt Hartman. In Addition City Council Thru their Attorney Fox refusing to pay Oppenheimer. Click on to white button above.

From Lowndes Testimony above, Blue Button: "​My name is Kristie Lowndes, I live in Madeira, and I work for the City of Madeira. I am currently the tax commissioner and assistant treasurer. I don't recall where I was on March 13th 2017, probably at home, I was not at the city council meeting. I was appointed as the acting Madeira City Council Clerk on March 14th 2017, by the City Manager, Moeller, Lownde was asked "What authority does the City Manager have to appoint an acting Clerk? Lowndes answer, "He (Moeller) IS THE CITY MANAGER". Kristie was then asked, You signed your name on a piece of paper certifying that an ordinance that was passed the night before was a true and accurate version of what it purports to be, even though you didn't attend the meeting, because your BOSS, the City Manager told you to?  Kristie answered, "CORRECT had a conversation with the City Manager and I was instructed, print out the Ordinance, put the votes on it and sign it", certifying it". 

Mrs. Lowndes as the Madeira Tax Commissioner is trusted with your most sensitive personal information but when her "BOSS", City Manager Thomas Moeller was desperate, his Job might have been on the Kristie Lowndes didn't hesitate, she lied, when putting her signature on an Ordinance, knowing that an entire "Special Election" depended on her unauthorized signature. Councilmen Gehring and Hilberg also knew that the only person authorized to sign the Ordinance was out of the country and they knew that Moeller would use his dominance when instructing Lowndes to LIE, all about protecting a "SPECIAL ELECTION"  

Corruption - "dishonest or illegal behavior especially by powerful people, such as government officials or police officers". ​​

        An Opinion

                                March 13, 2022>>>>>>>

City of Madeira ask Federal Court to Dismiss Federal Case Number 1;20 - CV - 371 Opinion and Order Issued on Green Button Above. Judge Barrett does not dismiss lawsuit against City of Madeira, ruling on green button above

April !1 & June 20, 2016, Suggest that we all begin on page 7, April 11, and June 20 2016 recordings first from a city council meeting and second a recording from a planning commission meeting. Both of the recordings are of the developer, Thomas Powers demanding and expecting "special treatment" from city officials. Powers made it clear that he didn't need "any parking" after all he didn't have a parking lot in Loveland at Paxton's Grill. The next document is a posting from a member of city council Nancy Spencer, appearing on "Speak out Madeira", that convinced me and other Madeira residents, that this council member and the other six, were all willing to do almost anything for Mr. Powers, including over looking city parking regulations and any other Madeira zoning rules. The next act of collusion was an agreement that powers would purchase the B&B mower property and have council (the tax payers) buy from Powers a small portion of the property at an exorbitantly high price, thus making the price that Powers would pay very low. The scheme was for Spencer and the other council members  to justify the over priced purchase from Powers and label the few parking spaces as a "PUBLIC PARKING LOT" that was as dishonest as the day is long. And think, Thomas Powers had not even purchased the B&B Property. Soon Moeller and Powers with the city council blessing would hatch the next scheme, selling Powers a large part of our historic district, turning the historic property into an outdoor patio for the restaurant, just more collusion that would soon lead to a justified lawsuit. Click on to the red button below to read the letter from Madeira Law Director Jeffrey D. Forbes, addressed to Attorney Curt Hartman.

November 21, 2012, Madeira City Manager Thomas Moeller requested and paid for (Madeira tax money) an appraisal that low balled the value the B&B Mower property and the Woellner property. This was convenient when Moeller handed the appraisal over to Powers for negotiating a purchase with Jerry and John Johnson, long time owners of the B&B Mower property. Tony White of White Appraisal, INC, valued the B&B property at $210,000-&250,000. Powers did not give a copy of the appraisal to Jerry and John Johnson. When told about the appraisal I promptly went to Madeira city hall, asked for a copy of the appraisal, and took the copy to the Johnson brothers. The B&B property would eventually be sold for far more than the value that Tony White had determined, Collusion, yes. Moeller and Powers didn't discuss the potential purchase of the B&B property until after it was determined that the CSX Railroad would not sell railroad property to Madeira. 

July 18, 2012, Tom Moeller sends an email to Tom Powers, asking "Need a couple copies of the concept plan you did showing moving the two houses (Muchmore & Hosbrook) and the potential restaurant building. We are approaching the Historical Society about "BUYING IN" to the project, Give me a call at your convenience. Thanks." Soon after this message was sent, City Manager and Mayor Brasington did attend a Madeira Historical Society board meeting. There was no mention of  developer Thomas Powers, but the two city officials did have a document that had the word "Paxtons" printed on it. Moeller was asked about where restaurant patrons would park and exactly where would the historic house's be moved to and how, at what cost. This was the beginning of lies after lies. There was no "BUYING IN" by members of the society. 

The last Lawsuit not yet resolved is the first amendment case filed in Federal Court by Douglas Oppenheimer against the City of Madeira

Those responsible for the filing of this Civil Lawsuit in May of 2018 include our entire group of City Council members, City Manager Thomas Moeller, and City Attorney's Brian Fox and Steven Goodin. This lawsuit was filed entirely for the purpose of  destroying the name and reputation of Philip Douglas Oppenheimer, a 50 year member of the Madeira Community, serving three terms as a member of City Council and a critic of elected and appointed Madeira City officials. These dishonest elected and appointed city officials have cost Madeira tax payers more than $500,000, and for what?

Madeira City Council members aligning City of Madeira  with radical, Marxist, Black Lives Matter Movement, WHY?

​August 13, 2020

April 19, 2013, City of Madeira Memorandum,. Concept Drawings of Madeira Historical Area "Ideas" drawn up by Architect Mike Wentz and paid for by Developer Thomas Powers. Option A assumes that B&B Mower remains in its present location, Option B assumes acquisition of the B&B property along with the "one way in" access from Miami Avenue. In both options it was expected that Chase Bank would be in a new building at Laurel and Miami Avenue, and that developer Thomas Powers would build a new 10,000 Square  Foot restaurant at Railroad and Miami Avenues. Henry Schneider was the owner of the building at Laurel and Miami Avenues. Schneider was negotiating with Chase Bank.

Douglas Oppenheimer / Madeira News

Four years of Corruption and Lies, October Special Edition Newsletter >>>>>>>>>>


December 8, 2015, Attorney for City of Madeira Jeffrey D. Forbes sends a letter to Oppenheimer Attorney Curt C. Hartman discussing the sale of Madeira Historic District property to developer Thomas Powers, another Madeira scheme, furthering the collusion with Powers. Attached to the red button is a news story dated December 29, 2015, that the lawsuit was filed.



After The Passage of Charter Amendment, Powers, Moeller, and City Council turns their attention to the B&B Mower property, but there were many problems for Powers, Moeller and our City Council members that would require more collusion and dishonesty. 

September 4, 2015, Moeller at tax payers expense contracted with the "Pillar Valuation Group Inc" to come up with a second appraisal of the B&B Mower property, but this time the value had to be much higher than the value in the first appraisal, completed also at tax payers expense. The first appraisal was completed by the White Appraisal Company, remember Moeller and Powers needed to low ball the owners of B&B Mower when "the players"  (Moeller & Powers) thought that the restaurant would be built on Miami Avenue, replacing the two historic houses left to the city by Cleo J. Hosbrook. This story gets very ugly at this point and one will wonder why Thomas Moeller has been able to keep his job as city manager. Moeller and council actions will also lead to several lawsuits, including a civil lawsuit filed against this writer in May of 2018, in a failed attempt to keep you from knowing the facts over the past twelve months. The city has lost their lawsuit in Hamilton county common pleas court. The story will continue to be written and published on this site.

Madeira City Council members have filed a motion in Federal Court to dismiss Case No. 1:20-CV-371. Council members making argument that the Federal Lawsuit conflicts with the Civil Lawsuit filed by Council members in May oy 2018 accusing Oppenheimer of being a "Vexatious Litigator" . That lawsuit has yet to be decided, costing Madeira Tax Payers way beyond $400,000.00.

I doubt that any other Madeira resident has become privy to the thousand or more documents over the past decade like  I have, nor has anyone else attended as many city council meetings. There are many residents of our community that were not even here ten years ago, and have no idea about Madeira history, including the past decade. There are some, mostly at city hall that want you to believe that I don't tell the truth, and that I have stood in the way of progress during the last 50 years of my residency in Madeira, anyone saying that is lying, or misinformed. This story "A Decade Ago" in chronological order is an explanation of the past ten years, of events on Railroad Avenue. Let me be clear, I have known our City Manager Thomas Moeller for all of his 30 plus years as Madeira City Manager. I have never disliked Moeller nor any of our Mayors and council members that have served during Moeller's time as City Manager. But I DO NOT RESPECT LIARS, and Tom Moeller has a reputation for not telling the truth, lying, while current and former Mayors and members of council have covered up for our city manager, and still are. This story begins when Moeller and then Mayor Rick Brasington attended a Madeira Historical Society Board meeting thinking that the society would "BUY IN", the lies began at that meeting and continue today. Moeller came to the society meeting with a plan, high lighting the lies that Moeller would continue pushing for years. Moeller told those in attendance at the society meeting that the two historical houses could be moved and that there was ample patron parking, both were lies. Read the two emails just below and above this text, Moeller was angry and made false comments about CXS employees I have much more to share including an important charter amendment passed in 2014 and six lawsuits, two of which are still pending in federal court, see page 11 and page 19 , madeiramessenger.com. This story will include my six years as a member of city council, the most affective city council in the last 51 years.

September 24, 2019, The City of Madeira has known since 2015 that the Sign Regulations were unconstitutional, but did nothing until a Lawsuit was filed at the Federal Courthouse.


Madeira Political News  &  More

Civil Lawsuit C-20-00458 In The Court of Appeals First Appellate District Hamilton County, Ohio. Filed by City of Madeira May 2018. Posted below. On August 27, 2021 the City of Madeira lost their battle in the Court of Appeals. 

Madeira hires outside attorney if effort to reduce or eliminate the payment of legal fees in Federal Case Number 1:19-cv-770 Oppenheimer vs Madeira. Green Button Above.

Madeira City Council issues "Community Statement on Racial Equity Initiative"  Mayor Spencer Quote, "Monday night , my fellow council members joined me affirming commitment to develop a Community Action Plan creating a framework to better hear, understand, and act on ways our community can promote racial equity and equal justice"  "Quite simply Black Lives Matter"