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Page 18, ​"Traditions at Camargo", Independent and Assisted Living  Soap, Ketchup, / Mustard, Wall Paper Remover, the Story  / Coronavirus 2020   /Negative /Positive, My COVID Journal /                                                                                                                                                                  

Douglas Oppen​heimer has been a proud resident of Madeira, Ohio since 1970. Doug served three terms as a Madeira City Council member beginning in 1973, and continues to have an interest in Madeira Politics. This news site was created for the purpose of providing information that may not be provided in other news venues. Also see Facebook Page, Madeiramessenger

​Page 17.... One Mans Opinion / The Miller House Kitchen 1922 Restoration / 

​Pinckney Island South Carolina 

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Madeira News, "Where others Won't Go"

 Page 15... ​Madeira Politics, Grand Old Party / Democrats Elected, / 2021 City Council Elections

Page 16​....  Madeira Police Reports, / Police Investigation

​Page 8... Madeira City Goverment, Madeira Schools, and Madeira Public Library / Madeira Preschool Program Relocating / Shadow of Packland / Ohio Checkbook / Police Presence in Madeira Schools / Madeira School Enrollment / Madeira First Grade Students Study History at Miller House / Meeting Madeira School Superintendents / Madeira City Council Lays Out Madeira Priorities Hires Columbus Consultants / Madeira Water Infrastructure Issues / Tear Down Or Rehab / Madeira Branch Library, The Story / Dave Bergan, Assistant Madeira School Superintendent

​Pinckney Island South Carolina 

 A Martial Arts program right here in Madeira since 2013, Story on Page 6

​Pinckney Island South Carolina 

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Traction Car in early 1900's heading thru Madeira on its way to Milford and beyond

​Photo courtesy of Madeira Historical Society

Douglas Oppenheimer / Madeira News


Madeira Political News  &  More

​​Page 19... ​Madeira Council Elections 2019 /​ Increased Taxes / Moeller Reappointed / Madeira City Treasurer Convicted / Sign Regulations Questioned in Court / Federal Lawsuit Filed, First Amendment Issues / Hilberg & Gehring Re-elected / Community Statement on Racial Initiative / Black Lives Matter / 

The Civil Lawsuit filed by the City of Madeira in May of 2018 with no authorization has been resubmitted for reconsideration. Attorney Curt Hartman representing this writer, has filed a motion in opposition to plaintiff's (City of Madeira) Motion for reconsideration. >>>>>>>>